01 September 2013

Edible Delights Volume Two

The Chocolate Affair - Imogene Nix
Deanna has one love. The Scheherazade Chocolate Factory. When it’s bought out by an off world consortium, they send someone to inspect their purchase.
JD Ruan is their expert investigator. But JD has a secret. He’s a demon. And not just any kind of demon –a Pleasure Demon.
Secrets, abilities and hidden truths will find their way… especially when chocolate is involved.

Teaser Time!!!

The whole morning passed in a haze of self-recriminations. She shouldn’t have given in to the urges that woke her. Deanna tried to paper over it with the excuse of the mountains of work that needed completing but her conscience nipped and bit at her.
Every file she opened dealt with pleasure of some form, reinforcing the choice she had made, and grating on her already raw nerves. She kept reliving the decision. One she bitterly regretted now. Each new issue—from staffing to ordering­—increased her anger at herself, fanning the flames roiling within her belly.
She snapped at staff when they buzzed, grouched at the coffee machine and stalked through the corridors. By lunchtime, her temper had frayed enough that everyone in the office walked wide circles around her.
It seemed inconceivable that having given in to the need, she now experienced an anger that left her at odds with everyone, including herself. She slammed the file back to the desk, letting out an irritated sound, before rubbing her brow. Thoughts of her own behavior rode her without mercy.
The door opened and Deanna opened her mouth to deliver a blistering set down as JD entered. She swallowed her angry words as he slipped inside, shutting the door softly behind him.
“According to your staff, this is unfamiliar behavior for you.” JD indicated at the untidy piles of files with a small smile. “Now, how about you and I take a lunch break while you tell me about what has you using the staff as chew toys.” He softened the words with a smile and she groaned inwardly.
Nice going Deanna. Way to make the boss think you’re capable of running the show when he leaves.
Deanna rose, ready to apologize for her unprofessional behavior, but instead found him beside her. His hand slipped under her elbow and gently guided her to the door. With no other choice, except to look foolish, she accepted his guidance to the front door. During the short walk, she thought through her actions during the day so far. Her introspection made her stomach churn nervously.
A luxury transport vehicle waited and JD smiled, stopping her short. How and why? The question swirled as he indicated that she should precede him within.
With a small, silent nod, she climbed into the large vehicle, noting the plush interior. The padded white seats, darkly tinted glass and soft piped music felt amazingly decadent. A silver ice bucket nestled in a corner, bearing a bottle of champagne, which she knew cost a lot of credits from the quick glance at the label. JD climbed in beside her and the door shut. She breathed deeply, hoping to calm her nerves.
Last night’s dream kept playing over and over in her mind. His proximity played havoc with her nerves. She wanted to touch him, a thoroughly unusual reaction for her. Instead, she straightened her spine and scootched a little further away, closing her eyes in self-disgust.
Right. Like he has the same problem I do—unrequited lust for nondescript little me. Deanna snickered at herself silently. Ha! He’s so gorgeous, he could probably get any woman he wants. You, Deanna, don’t even make the cut. Even Eric, her husband of five years had called her interesting, rather than beautiful.
The vehicle moved, with vibrations so slight she almost missed them as they pulled into the traffic. Deanna watched the cars traveling around them, while battling to regain her equilibrium.
“So, I’m thinking lunch and a glass of wine to give you time to mellow.” His hand waved through the air as Deanna restrained the urge to roll her eyes at his languid voice. “Then you tell me what is bothering you, today.”
“I, um—” Deanna stopped as they pulled into the marina. “Where are we going?” Her head whipped around and she saw JD smile with a hint of devilry as she made to explain why they couldn’t have lunch here.
“To my boat, which will take us somewhere we can talk. Undisturbed. There is only the captain. Once we get to our destination, he and the chef will make themselves scarce.” She opened her mouth again while his face sobered. “Look, something has been riding you all day, and the entire office is treading carefully. They are afraid they are going to fall through the thin ice you’re burying us in.” A gentle hand touched her knee and she nearly jerked in reaction.
His comment about what was riding her, unintentional or not, nearly sent her through the roof. Raunchy visions invaded her mind at his words. They were not what he had in mind, she was sure. So Deanna breathed shallowly, hoping to dispel the memories that turned her knees to water, and filled her with a burning need.
 The door opened and he alighted. She stepped out, straight into his arms. The slide of his clad body against hers ratcheted up the emotions that churned inside her belly. She sucked in a breath, ready to ask him to let her go, but instead his scent enveloped her.

My Lord’s Table - Alysha Ellis

Gently-bred Susan Brody arrives in 18th century London starving, penniless and desperate to find a job. When a chance-met acquaintance offers to help, Susan happily accepts a position as housekeeper in the home of Lord Winslade.
But the position is not what she expects it to be. She is greeted by a grim manservant, who locks her in a room and orders her to wear the scandalous costume she finds there.
She is forced to attend an erotic banquet of carnal and epicurean delights, presided over by the darkly sinister Lord Winslade.
Susan’s expectations of domestic service shatter as she is seduced into fulfilling appetites of an entirely different order.

Teaser Time:
Susan thought she understood the concept of a kiss, but nothing prepared her for this total subsummation, this overwhelming of her senses.
When he at last lifted his head, her dazed mind held only one thought. “More.”
“More food?” His voice was a dark hum shivering across her sensitized skin. “Or more of this?” He closed his teeth on her earlobe.She whimpered.
“I…I…just more.”
He chuckled and slipped one hand out from behind her,then reached out to run his finger through the dish once more. “We seem to have lost the spoon,” he murmured, “so we’ll have to make do with this.” He stoked along her lip,then swooped down to leave a trail across the tops of her breasts.  The same gesture had begun the orgy downstairs, but here, in the privacy of the room it seemed not vulgar but unbearably erotic.
His mouth followed the trail, taking tiny licks and nibbles. Susan’s head dropped back and she sank further into his sensuous spell.
The low neckline of the scandalous red dress offered him no obstruction. With an expert flick of his finger, he pulled her nipple free. “I want to taste you,” he said, his tongue curling around the sensitive tip, shaping it into a hard bud. “Sweeter than sugar could ever be.”
He suckled there for a moment.Beads of fire shot from where his mouth moved to burst into conflagrations sizzling along her nerves.
He lifted his head. “You are a banquet for my delectation. But I would enjoy the feast far more if the covers were removed.”
Before Susan was fully aware of what he intended, he had undone the row of buttons closing the embarrassingly short distance between the scooped out neckline and the waist of her dress. In another second, he had it gaping.He pushed the bodice down to puddle about her hips. “Stand up.We will rid ourselves of this encumbrance.”
Still obedient to his every word she stood, allowing him to press the red silk into a pile at her feet. The maid had provided no camisole.He hooked his thumbs into waistband of the soft drawers Susan had donned, and untying the bow at the sides at the same time, he shoved them down to join the bundle at her feet.
She stood there before him, he in his dark, elegant evening clothes—she, naked, a pink flush running over her skin, fighting the desire to clasp her hands across her breasts, or the triangle of hair at the juncture of her legs. She fought the urge because she wanted him to see her. A wanton part of her wanted him to enjoy her nakedness.
He pushed her back onto the sofa, then scooped up another dollop of cream. With his elbows, he nudged her thighs apart and smeared a long line down her center. “As sweet as you are, I find the thought of feeding myself from your soft skin strongly appealing.”
His head dipped.His lips closed over a knot of nerves she hadn’t known she possessed. He sucked, murmuring his approval as she tensed and shivered. With each movement of his jaws, each humming vibration of his low voice, a spiral coiled tighter and tighter inside her. A strange pressure contradictorily filling her even as some deep nameless hollow opened.

Never On A Sundae - Seanna Smythe

Delicious delights you’ve dreamed of but Never on a Sundae.He was confident that what he was about to ask for wouldn’t be your average ice cream dream.
Evie doesn’t believe love is forever, so when things get a little too hot with Sydney-sider, Aidan, she disappears to Newcastle and buys an ice-cream parlor, Never on a Sundae. But fate conspires against her when Aidan rides into town on his Harley looking for a unique idea for an ice cream cake for his brother’s bachelor party. Can Aidan melt Evie’s heart?

Teaser Time:

Aidan pushed away from the doorframe as his body responded to the memories. If she wasn’t so absorbed in tasting her creation, he would’ve thought she taunted him. The banana slipped between her lips with a smooth rhythm as chocolate syrup gathered at the corners of her tempting mouth.
“Better than sex!” she declared, licking at the chocolate.
“Then you’re doing it wrong,” Aidan said, deciding she should know he was there.
Thick dark lashes flew open to reveal big, baby blue eyes as she slowly withdrew the banana from her lips. “Aidan!” Shock registered in her voice at the sight of him. “How long have you been standing there?”
“Long enough.” A lazy smile trickled across his lips as he watched her reaction.
“I didn’t hear you come in.” She pushed away from the counter and turned around, her hands searching for something to put the banana onto.
“Apparently not.” The lazy smiled widened into a wicked grin. A leggy blonde, sucking on a banana and thinking about sex? Now there was a combination no red-blooded, heterosexual male could fail to enjoy.
She looked at her chocolate stained fingers as her hand hovered over a damp cloth near the blender. With a shrug she licked the chocolate from her fingers. One by one, she treated each finger to the flick of a smooth pink tongue.
“What brings you back to town?” Seemingly satisfied she couldn’t possibly get any more chocolate off her fingers, she leaned over the sink to turn on the tap.
“Danny’s bachelor party.” Aidan stuffed his fists into his pockets to ease the rub of his jeans. The view of that sweet ass as the skirt caressed firm cheeks almost finished what the banana had started.
“Ahh, Danny.” Evie shook the excess water from her hands and patted them dry on her apron. She turned back to give Aidan a once over of her own. “He swore it would be a cold day in hell before he got married…looks like your little brother has had a change of heart.”
Aidan watched the movements of her long-fingered hands as she removed her apron, folding it neatly. Those neatly manicured nails had once caressed the contours of his back, teased his nipples and stroked the very part of him that now ached for release. Evie had not lost her touch. Just one look and he was panting for more. He shifted from one booted foot to the other as Evie stepped toward him.
“Looks like you have a small problem,” she said, stopping within two feet of him, her eyes boldly raking the strained denim.
Still the same Evie, the girl who didn’t hesitate to say what was on her mind. He smiled and leaned forward enough to whisper into the space between them. “We both know it was never a small problem. We could always put the left over chocolate sauce to better use.”
Evie stepped closer, her head angled toward his until their lips were inches apart.

Flavor Of The Month - Bianca Sarble

When Cate Gallagher thinks her day can't get any worse, Patrick Garrett comes along to prove her wrong. The sexy stranger awakens her long forgotten libido but she knows from past experiences his type is best avoided at all costs.
Patrick is sure the chemistry between them will set the sheets on fire, if only she would give him a chance. He hatches a seduction plan to show her exactly how right they could be.
But getting the girl isn't the only obstacle to their Happy Ever After. Misunderstandings and assumptions bring their heat level to boiling point and threaten to scorch their love.
Can Cate overcome her past and let Patrick show her she's not just the Flavour Of The Month?

Teaser Time:

What was it about this man that made her laugh? She wanted to stay mad, but it seemed impossible whenever he was around. It didn’t hurt that he looked like a GQ cover model or that his voice sent shivers down her spine, but the kicker was the warmth in his smile.
“Okay, come in. I’ll grab some coffee.”
While she worked on the coffee, Patrick put the flowers on the counter before perusing the sample tray. “So, what are we tasting tonight?”
Cate froze. Cake. He’s talking about cake, not body parts. “Carolyn said she wanted something different, so we have the cherry mud cake, Tia Maria mud cake, Cookies & Cream, chocolate mud cake and last but not least, butterscotch with its own caramel icing.”
“I’m guessing that’s your favorite right?”
“My favorite is all of them. It’s too hard to choose just one.”
As she approached the table with the coffee, he surprised her again by coming around and pulling her chair out for her. His body heat radiated against her back and she had to stop herself leaning into his muscular chest. She gave herself a mental slap to pull her professional mask back in place as she sat. She broke off a piece of her first selection with a fork and offered the handle to him.
“This is the cherry mud cake. I have a recipe for a cream cheese icing that sets it off perfectly.”
Keeping his gaze on hers, he folded his fingers around her hand and guided the fork to his mouth. He hummed and licked his lips as the flavor exploded in his mouth, drawing her attention to his very lickable lips. Maybe she should have served ice water instead of coffee because she certainly didn’t need to heat things up.

The Banquet - Kate Belle:

Unattractive and lonely James is a chef and restaurant owner who is obsessed with Sheba, a sexy celebrity chef famous for her aphrodisiac recipes which have saved James from a life of involuntary celibacy. James has studied Sheba’s recipes and created the ultimate in aphrodisiac desserts – chilli and rose infused chocolate – a recipe that never fails to lure women into his lonely bed.
James takes the opportunity to meet Sheba at a book signing during the Sydney Writers Festival and woos her with a gift of his chocolates. Sheba finds James’ special dessert irresistible and exchanges a night of pleasure for the recipe. Two months later James receives an invitation to Sheba’s annual banquet, a mysterious event everyone who’s anyone in the hospitality industry is aware of but knows little about. Nervous and out of his depth, James attends and is introduced to a world where the boundaries between food and sex are entirely blurred.

Teaser Time:

An attractive blonde dressed all in blue swept up to him carrying a tray of canapés. James, acutely aware of her barely hidden nipples under the sheer fabric of her dress, found it difficult to look at her face.
“Salmon ceviche with orange, capers and roasted green chile or grilled fois gras with spicy lobster toast and roasted pineapple vinaigrette.”
James examined the neat lines of delicious looking canapés. He wanted to try both but only had one hand.
“Which would you recommend?”
The blonde smiled mysteriously. “Both. But if you’re looking for a real kick, the creviche is to die for.” She winked.
James nodded gratefully, picking up a small paper bowl lined with a mouthful of prettily decorated raw salmon the color of the sunset outside the windows. He watched as Solomon chose the same dish and tipped it directly into his mouth, his jaw working blissfully. James copied him.
The moment the salmon hit his tongue James was enraptured. He closed his eyes and ran his tongue around the inside of his cheeks, savoring the sharp citrus and salty capers followed by the sting of fresh chili. He’d never tasted anything like it—except—he was suddenly reminded of Sheba’s pussy. The salty, limey taste of her had stayed with him for days after their liaison. This dish reflected the distinct flavor of her flesh. James opened his eyes to see the others observing him, wry smiles on their faces.
“Remarkable, isn’t it?” said Solomon.
“You look like all hell just broke loose in your mouth.” Joshua chuckled.
James shook his head. “I’ve never tasted anything like it.”
Ezekiel raised an eyebrow while the other men grinned. “Are you sure? I don’t think you’d be here if you hadn’t tasted anything like it.”
James flushed among the guffaws of the other men as realization seeped through him. So they knew. They had all been where he’d been with Sheba. This banquet was a gathering of her lovers. That’s why there were no women among the guests. He looked at the men around him with new eyes, understanding his fantasies of repeating his afternoon with Sheba later tonight were unlikely to eventuate. The competition for her attention was fierce. These men were all attractive, decked out in expensive well-cut tuxedos and he could tell from their unruffled confidence this wasn’t their first time at one of Sheba’s banquets. James gave them a bashful grin.
“Well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag then.” He ran his hand through his hair, no longer caring how untidy it would make him look.
“Noah, the cat was out of the bag the moment you walked through that door,” replied Ezekiel, indicating the entrance to the room with his goblet.

A mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats and prize winning chooks. She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship Captains and things that go bump in the night.

She is also a firm believer in writing what you enjoy… something she strictly adheres to!

Alysha Ellis lives in Australia on a diet that consists entirely of chocolate, champagne and strawberries. She write stories your mother would never let you read, even now that you're all grown up - but what Mama don't know can't hurt her.
Live on the wild side a little. Her motto is always,Bad girls have all the fun! 
A little naughty and a whole lot nice, Seanna Smythe writes 3-chilli-hot romance with heart. Sizzling heroes and playful heroines, each with a story to tell, will take you on the adventure of lifetime with a guaranteed happy ending.Take my hand and walk with me…

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Once upon a time, in a land called Australia, there lived a delightful young girl named Bianca who loved to read. As she grew older, her sarcastic tendencies and warped sense of humor became evident, as did her preference for raunchy romances.

Now, as well as reigning over their 1/4 acre kingdom with the handsome Prince that stole her heart and feeding their ever-growing children, she not only reads everything she can, but pens her own deliciously sexy stories.

Kate writes dark, sensual contemporary women’s fiction. She lives, writes and loves in Melbourne, juggling her strange, secret affairs with her male characters with her much loved partner and daughter, and a menagerie of neurotic pets. She holds a tertiary qualification in chemistry, half a diploma in naturopathy and a diploma in psychological astrology. Kate believes in living a passionate life and has ridden a camel through the Australian desert, fraternised with hippies in Nimbin, had a near birth experience and lived on nothing but porridge and a carrot for 3 days.

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