22 September 2013

Feeling This, By Casey Blue

Whoever said life is hard didn’t know the half of it!

Completely devastated when his life is ripped out from underneath him, Jordan Rhodes decides to take a break. A break from everything he’s always known; the country club life-style, his life-long friends and his overbearing parents. He just wants to be free to get lost and not feel the pain he has endured.

Kimber Maguire has been dealt the tough card her entire life. An ailing mom, a sister who refuses to face reality and a yearning for the one that got away, she finds putting one foot in front of the other as her only saving grace. What she really wants is to be free of feeling the pressure that is her life to get lost.

But when Jordan finds Kimber while losing himself, they both discover, sometimes you just need to feel to be found.

When I stared reading “Feeling This”, I was really hoping to feel…something.   When I read a book, I want to be convinced.  I need to believe the love and lives of the characters and feel it right along with them.  I’m sorry to say that this book fell short for me in almost every way.

The story is about Jordan, who has what many consider to be a “perfect” life.  He’s attractive, rich, accomplished and dating a woman he considers to be the love of his life, Susan.  Tragedy strikes and Susan dies, and Jordan leaves town in order to get himself together.  His travels lead him to our heroine, Kimber, whose existence is basically the polar opposite of Jordan’s.  She has to work two jobs in order to support and care for her alcoholic mother and incredibly selfish sister.  Jordan and Kimber meet, they’re obviously attracted to one another, but fight it.  They eventually work through their separate issues and get together.

I think one of things that was most difficult for me in reading this is that there is no continuity to the story.   I had more questions when I finished than when it began.  It was hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Jordan seemed to move on so easily form the tragic death of his fiancé, who he believed to be the only one for him.  I felt that the characters were underdeveloped and the storyline was not constructed well.  The one thing I did find myself liking was the dual point of view; I’m always a sucker for that.   

However, I just found this book to be lackluster in almost all areas.  The story really had potential, and I think with some changes it could be a really great story.  As is, I give it 2.5 stars.


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