15 September 2013

Keagan Spotlight!

Well, I'm unsure if I should be excited, or scared.  But the legendary Keagan Kruze stopped by the page earlier and we were able to hang out for a bit!

I figured I would share our conversation with yalls!

I hear a soft knock (whatever, I never knock soft) and start to rise to answer the door. Before I can get to the door though, Blog Mama stops me. “Let me check the door first.” She tells me, and I watch as she answers the door, hiding the crossbow behind her back. “Name Please?” She asks the person standing there. I can't hear what is being said, but I watch as she opens the door further. In walks a man wearing a brand new suit and I can tell that he is confused about the cross bow.

C: “Hey there Keagan, I'm sorry about the crossbow, but seeing as how you are a pretty deadly person, Blog Mama thought it was important that I protect myself. I hope you understand.”

K: Pats her on her little head. “I’m faster than a crossbow!” Pulls his water gun out and shoots her in the face, and hands the bouquet of roses to Blog Mama.


C: “Well don't mind her, she will just be here observing. (I point out the fact that Blog Mama is now standing in the corner with the bow pointed at Keagan.) Please get comfortable and let’s begin the interview!”

K: Looks around the house and shakes his head no to everyone reading this. “Oh you cleaned for me. You shouldn’t have. No really, you should have.”  And then he notices the paper plate of Keebler chocolate chip cookies, broken. “Wow, you brought out the big guns!” Grabs a few, chopping away while looking over his shoulder at B-Mama, he pats the seat before he sits down, encouraging her to come sit by him.

C: I point out a seat on the couch that is open by me and wait to see where Keagan will be sitting.

K:  “Duh, right next to you. No space between us. Just me, right next to you!”

C: “So Keagan, can you tell me a little about yourself?”

K: Nods, “Yep, I’m a super hot, gay, male, taken, vampire warrior. I’m also in school – college. Medical school. I’m pretty smart. Just ask me, I’ll tell you.”

C: “What are you studying in Medical School?”

 K:  Looks at her like she’s crazy. “How to be a medical professional...What’s that mean?”


C: “Do you have a job? Besides looking handsome all day of course!” (I roll my eyes as Keagan starts on his reply)

K: “Well, that’s a job in its self, but yes, I have a job. I’m a soldier in the King’s army. I stab the bad guys. It’s why I’m so good at it and can protect Aidan so fiercely. The problem with Facebook stabbing is that no one ever dies. Should I stab you here on your page to see if you die here? Come on! It’s for research!”

 C: “Is it true that you are a vampire? If so, how did you become one?”

K: Tries for patience with the abnormally short human female. “Duh, read number one. And how did you become a girl? Born that way. Duh again.”  Looks around to see if all of Crystal’s readers thinks she is as crazy as he does – and they do! Ha!

C: “I seriously worry about you at times, and right now is one of those times.  Seriously Keagan, I'm just working through the questions here! Stop with the attitude or the interview won't continue! So you are saying you were born as a vampire? How old are you? And do you know who your parents are?”

K: Gives her a look. “How old do I look? I’m younger than you. I’m thirty this birthday and of course I know who my parents are. This isn’t the Matrix. I was there when I was born.”

C: “Do you turn into a bat? Or are you a new generation of vampire?”

K: Gives her another look! “Do you turn into a bat? What kind of question is that? And what the hell is a new generation vampire? How can I answer questions like these? How about this one for you, why are you so hard to get along with and what was wrong with your computer?” Lifts brow, taps foot and waits for the answer.

C: “This is an interview for YOU Mister Popular! But to answer your question, my computer decided to die; I won't mention that it did that after I sent you the interview questions, so maybe that's a sign! But I'm back now to bug you some more!”

K: Looks afraid. “I’m worried about that, but I have a brand spankin’ new laptop sitting across my desk currently taunting me. Its windows 8 with touch screen – I got a GREAT deal, but it’s confusing as hell and the programs don’t work right and I hate it. So now I’m on my old one that is so slow. I’m worried about the crashing thing.”

C: “What do you eat? By that I mean, do you need to drink blood to survive? Or can you eat human foods?”

K: Gives her a look, “Why are you changing the subject so quick. I have serious concern that Blair Witch is the leading designer in Windows 8 and you are talking about food. Last night I ate Toshio’s. It’s not sitting well in my stomach.” Burps, and gives an evil grin. “I drink Aidan’s blood during relations.” Whispers so B-Mama doesn’t hear. “That means during sexual intercourse.” Nods.

C: “Everyone who knows you, knows the rules you have, such as always bring a towel to clean up the blood after you stab them. Why do you stab people?”

K: Nods, nods, nods, “VERY GOOD! Nice job! I’m so proud of you for remembering! What’s rule number two?” Lifts hand for a high five!

C: (Leaves Keagan hanging for the high five!)  “To not look or touch Aidan in any way, shape or form. Which is sorta hard for me to do seeing as how we are married! And I have the picture proof to show that! So can you tell me why you stab people? Or is that a trade secret?”

K: Stabs Crystal and waits to see if she dies. “Damn it! Rule number 1 is to bring a towel for when you break rule number 1, no touching Aidan. Rule number 2 is no touching me. Air hugs only. Learn it, live it.” 

 C: “I am a complete fan of Kindle Alexander’s books, (I have a note next to my bed reminding me to tell her that I’m in love with the books), and I have noticed though that you are mentioned in the acknowledgments. I am soooooooooooooo jealous! Have you met her? What’s she like?”

K: Frowns! “This is where we disagree. I’m not a fan of Kindle’s. I actually think her, and many others are a disgrace to the fictional world of characters. We have feelings. No one seems to remember that. I have hopes, and dreams. I have a set course in the fictional world of reality. Authors like Kindle are mean spirited. They hurt us for their own gain. Do you know I’ve had my leg cut off? I’ve had my father badly abuse me. She’s made my sister die and me be a lonely, father of two children with tragedy that could rip my world apart. It’s mean, and wrong. I’m gonna start a petition to stop Authors from hurting fictional characters. I know it’ll be a huge campaign. Change.org will def make it their lead petition, I’m certain. Keep that between you and I for now. Next question?”

C: “After stalking your Facebook page, I noticed that you post a lot for TheCurrent Between Us. Have you actually read the book? If so, what are your opinions on it?”

K: Grabs a couple more cookies and sits back, dropping an arm over the back of the sofa. “It’s okay. If she would take out the angst, all the heartache, and most of the entire end, it would be better. She needs to leave in the sex, and change the names to Keagan and Aidan. Those would be my recommendations.”  Nods in confirmation.  “Oh, is that a bad answer? Have you met Matt and Cam? I’m hot for both of them.”

C: “Who are Matt and Cam exactly? Are they friends of yours?”

K:  Can only look at her. “Really?”

(In case you are wondering, Mat and Cam can be found HERE on Facebook.)

C: “Do you have any crushes on the characters that Kindle has written about? Because I know I sure do!”

K: Holds up a hand, ticking off each name with his fingers, “Reed, Austin, Gage and this Colt, from Double Full is coming on strong... Yes, all of those need to come have dinner at my house tonight.”

C: “But what about Aidan? Doesn't he get jealous that you want to have all these insanely attractive men over for dinner? And seeing as how you’re a vampire, wouldn't you end up eating them for dinner?”

K: Can only look at her again. “You seriously need to stop reading those kinds of vampire books. They are messing with your reality of my species.”

C: “What’s your relationship status?”

K: Eyes her close “I’m almost married.” Shoves the ring in her face.

C:  “Oh, is that silver?  I guess you can be around it.  When did he propose??”

K:  Gives her a sweet smile. “Christmas Eve, in Norway. My honey surprised me with a new home and a ring. He’s pretty special. I like him a lot.”

C: “How did you two meet?”

K:  “Are you asking this question so you can stage the same kind of meeting between you and Aidan.” Palms dagger. “Don’t lie.”

C: “Keagan, I've already told you that Aidan and I are married! I think I posted the pictures of the wedding night on your wall, so we have already met! But can you please tell us how you and Aidan met?”

K:  Stabs Crystal again. “Seriously, at some point you’re gonna die! I just need to keep stabbing you!”

C: “I am a total dog lover, (Not in that way you pervert!) I just love the pictures that you put up of your “kids” on Facebook. Do you prefer dogs over cats?”

K: “I know the truth, perv… No, I don’t prefer dogs over cats, but Aidan does. He’s a dog guy. I love Gunner and Gracie, they were his choice. Gunner was a Valentine’s Day present to me, our first Valentine’s Day together. I thought the dog collar was a collar for my dangly part. Gunner was hiding in the bathroom. Either a dog or cat would have been fine, but I love Gunner. Wanna hear their schedule? I have developed an optimum routine for their overall health.”

C: “Yes, please tell us about their schedule!”

K: “Okay so we wake everyone morning to a three mile jog. I bought doggie treadmills for each of them. Gracie sometimes won’t do it. She just slides off the back, but she’s a girl and you know how crazy you all get. After the workout, we shower. I’ve developed a special shampoo and conditioner to help their coat take daily baths. I take several showers a day, I know they’re happier cleaned every day. We go through the grooming process, hair dry, nails clipped, blah, blah, blah. Then comes outdoor time. They poo, and tee. And then comes breakfast. Our breakfast schedule changes depending on the day… What? Why stop. I cook for them… What?”

C: “Why are manhole covers round?”

K: “Round covers can’t slip through at any angle, square can. Everyone knows that. Did you know that an Armadillo has four babies at every birth, and they are all the same sex. Well now you do!”

C: “Ok then... Let's move on!  What’s your favorite color?”

K: “Amber, the color of Aidan’s eyes.” Nods and crosses his arms over his chest. “And you don’t need to look to verify that.”

C: *rolls her eyes at Keagan trying to keep me away from Aidan*

K: cocks a thumb over his shoulder. “B-Mama’s arms are shaking from holding that crossbow. Should I go help her?”

C: “What is one thing you would change about the world if you could?”

K: “Aidan would be the boy in the bubble to protect himself from your roving hands. Next question.”

C: “So if you could change anything in the world, it would be so that Aidan would be in a bubble? You wouldn't want to have world peace?”

K:  “Like in everyone gets along? No.” Shakes head vehemently. “Heck no, then that would mean I have to get along. With you. No.”

C: “Do you have any super powers?”

K: “Yes, look into my eyes…”

C: “Ok, I'm looking into your eyes, and I'm seeing you running down the street naked screaming that you’re in love with me? What exactly is going on here Keagan?”

K:  Looks over at B-Mama, “Her IQ is low, isnt it?”

C: “I have some questions from your followers on Facebook that I would like to go over if that’s ok! Well it’s going to happen anyway! So here we go!  KS has asked: What do you do with your toe nail clipping?”
K: Frowns and thinks. “I don’t know what Teri does with them. Probably collects them. She loves everything me.”

C: “Who is Teri exactly? I mean what is the relationship between you two?”

K:  “Crazy female, she’s my wife.”

C:  “From KS again,  What is your favorite flavor lube?”

K: Frowns again. “Hang on.” Runs to his room and squirts several flavors on Aidan’s hand. Returns hours later. “I’m sorry, what was the question?”

C: “And the final question from KS: What is your favorite color, style and model from AC (Andrew Christian).”

K: “Everyone’s favorite. The Spider Thong.” 

C: “Is there anything that you want to say before you have to leave?”

K: Pokes her in the forehead. “No more pictures Ho!”

C: “Why would I want more pictures of you?? You post enough of them online! Anything you want to SAY?”

K:  “Umm… Let’s see.” Pokes her in the forehead. “No more doctored pictures, ho!”

C: “Well I thank you so much for being here with me today!! It was great to be able to talk to you a bit!!” *reaches behind her, grabs a knife and stabs Keagan before he can stab her*

K: Wrestles the little female to the ground, and ties her up with his used Andrew Christian thong covering her face.  “Goodnight! Thank you for having me Crystal! I’m so glad to have met you!!!”

Well, I hope you enjoyed the conversation!!
If your interested in any of the characters that Keagan mentioned earlier, check out the books below!

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  1. Great interview!!! Very entertaining. This is my first time "meeting" Keagan. Does he have a book? I know that he is one of Kindle's characters/creations, but I am not sure if he has his own story out, or if he will be getting one written.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com