08 September 2013

The Jealousy Game, By Mandy White

Is your boyfriend or husband unreasonably jealous?

Every day 3 women die at the hands of an abusive partner in the USA.
Physical abuse often goes hand in hand with jealousy.

Many people mistake jealousy for an endearing display of affection without realizing it can be a sign of something more sinister. How do you know when jealousy has crossed the line from simple affection to unhealthy obsession?

Can you fix it before it's too late?

You may think jealousy is a natural part of being in love, or that jealousy is a man's way of showing how much he cares. But, what about when jealousy reaches such an extreme that you find yourself constantly under attack, accused of things you haven't done?

Jealousy is a form of mental abuse.
It may even escalate into physical violence.

How can you tell if your relationship has reached the danger point? Knowing how to recognize abnormal behavior in your partner can save you from months, even years of mental anguish. It may even save your life.

The Jealousy Game follows the cycle of abuse as it develops within a woman's relationship with a jealous man, starting with subtle little displays of jealousy and culminating in a struggle between life and death.

It provides a list of common symptoms that appear when a relationship has progressed beyond what should be considered normal. If you recognize your own relationship in any of these scenarios, it is a sign that you should consider ending it before you become traumatized, injured or even killed.

This book can be an eye-opening read for young women who are new to dating and a chilling walk down memory lane for those of us who have experienced jealousy first-hand.

Dedicated to all survivors of domestic violence; and especially to the ones who did not survive.
                Once again, I will be completely honest here.  When Mandy had contacted me asking for a review for this book, I was unsure if I wanted to read it.  This book is not just a story that will make you feel good about yourself.  This book will bring forth emotions in you that you didn’t realize, and it will make you think twice about what relationship you are in, and the relationships of people around you.

                In my opinion, a book that can cause you think is a book that is a must read.  I have gone back and forth on how I was going to write my review for this because it brings forth such strong emotions.  I knew that no matter what I write, I can’t do this book justice.

                This book is a must read, and I have heard from the author that it will be FREE on amazon for as long as it’s on there.  So you need to pick up your copy now.


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