06 October 2013

The Demon Lover's Box Set, By Kate Douglas

**This book contains Male Male Relations**
Kate Douglas captivated the world of erotic romance with her groundbreaking Wolf Tales series, and she continues to push boundaries in this complete set of her Demon Lovers series.

After barely surviving a vicious attack, Addie Logan awakens to find two gorgeous men standing over her bedside. Unsure if they are real or a figment of her imagination, she reaches out and unleashes an erotic hunger like none she's ever known. But these men need more from her than just erotic pleasure. They are demon hunters, and the attack on Addie in the park has made her one of them.

Together the three will forge an erotic and loving relationship while tirelessly fighting the demonic threat to humanity.

This boxed set contains the complete Demon Lovers series, as serialized in Unbalanced, Unbound, Unmasked, Unleashed, and Undaunted.

* Also includes bonus material from Dark Wolf, the first book in the Spirit Wild series, and Dream Unchained, the second book in the Dream Catchers series.

Box sets are sometimes hard for me to read, because of the understandable repetition of the plot.  This boxed set, however, was not difficult to read at all!  I really enjoyed the 5 books in this set.  It was a totally hot read.  Do be warned, there is m/m in this.  I don’t strictly read m/m, but I have to say, it’s an aspect to these books that I enjoyed!

Addie is a great character, who is taken on quite a wild adventure after a chance encounter in an alleyway.  This is the stuff that paranormal romance is made of…it may contain otherworldly characters, but there’s a certain amount of reality to it that makes it easy to get into.  I really enjoyed the writing style as well as the plots of these books.  A 4 star read for me!



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