03 October 2013

The Lotus Promo Stop!!!

A fashion model’s scandalous erotic odyssey continues in the sequel to Cult of Beauty: the Secret Life of a Supermodel, as Katie Wolfer battles with her step-sister and gets in deep with a charismatic, French billionaire on a secret project: The Lotus. Rife with drugs, wild sex and other questionable behaviors, Katie's story is a roller coaster ride that pulls back the curtain on a shocking, decadent world.

 As one of the most beautiful women in the world, Katie is a magnet for people’s desire, and she herself has a deep wild streak that makes her a perfect match for French aristocrat and polo player, Victor de Goncourt. He wants her to help him run a very special project: The Lotus. Can business and pleasure mix?

“It was almost like being high; everything was extra vivid—the water glinting prettily in the sun, the lush foliage of the majestic trees reflected in the dark, rippling, mirror off the pond. I also loved watching Victor row, his arm muscles rippling, and yet making it look effortless. As we reached the pond’s center, a couple of hundred feet or so from either side, Victor pulled in the oars, arranged some red velvet cushions lined with gold braid on the deck of the boat, and gestured for me to come lie down next to him.
“Viens ici, Katie,” he said in French.
Whoa, he moves fast. For a moment, I hesitated. Was I this easy? But he was a very confident man, used to getting his way and I found his poise intoxicating. So I got up, trying not to drop the bottle and glasses, and carefully clambered over a bench to get to him. I was conscious of the fact that I was wearing a short mini dress and was flashing him the lower part of my ass, and maybe more, as I climbed over the bench. I sat down on a cushion, smoothing my dress down to be decent again and he poured us each a glass of Aperol and we clinked glasses to toast the moment. The liqueur was made from oranges and was sweet and delicious, and after taking a few sips, I settled back into the cushions and looked up at the cerulean blue sky with white puffy clouds slowly floating by. I murmured, “Thank you, Victor. This is really lovely.” Any stress I had been feeling had melted away and I was strangely comfortable with this man who I barely knew.
“You’re welcome,” he answered softly. “I wanted to show you my favorite place.”
I smiled, “It’s now my favorite too.” It was. This pond, the chateau, the forest—I had never seen anything like it. It felt magical. And I’ve been places. It also didn’t hurt that he was stunningly good looking, rich and a polo player. Any girl would lose her head over this man in a second, and I was no exception. I was especially pleased that he had picked me for this little excursion over Caroline. So I decided to tease him a little, “Not a bad place to take a girl if you want to get in her pants.”
“I don’t just bring any girl to this place, Katie. You and I are…” He paused, not sure of what words to use. I suggested, “Enjoying each other’s company?”
He shook his head. “No. I think we have something. Um, something…” He stopped again, unsure of what he wanted to say for the second time. Then he surprised me by quickly leaning over and stealing a kiss, causing the boat to rock and wobble. He let his lips linger for a moment on mine, but then didn’t push it any further. I didn’t resist. How could I? He had just taken me to his secret place and offered up a blissful escape from the hustle and bustle of the world. The July air was balmy with the whisper of a warm breeze and the drifting of the boat, the occasional buzz of a bee or a dragonfly skimming the water was seductive and soothing. I felt like I could lie there, next to this handsome, hunky guy, forever. I sat up a little, sensing a movement in the woods to one side of the pond, and saw there was a shadowy figure moving there among the trees. He was hiding and observing us. I nudged Victor and he sat up and looked too.


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