28 December 2013

Different Strokes, By Nico Jaye

When his regular masseuse is called away on a family emergency, Tomas does not expect Darren, her temporary replacement, to be such an attractive distraction. Tomas has always been a serious, no-nonsense type of swimmer; after all, elite competition leaves no room for unprofessional conduct. However, he finds it extremely difficult to stay on the right side of the professional line with Darren tending to his needs.

This book wasn’t at all what I expected it to be, don’t get me wrong I still completely enjoyed it but I was left wanting more from the story itself.
It’s a short quick read, but it was still enough to keep my interest going towards the end of the story.  I am actually left wanting more from the characters and wondering if there will be another book released about them.
We get to meet Tomas, who has been attracted to Darren since the first time they met.  When things arise and Darren ends up becoming Tomas’s masseuse, they both fight to keep the attraction at bay.
Overall, I did feel as though this story was very predictable.  But it was still a good read!

*Mild Spoiler**
But there were certain parts that still stick with me to this day:
“You--- you want to break up or something?” Thomas’s impassive mask cracked; his expression was thunderous.
Darren felt his jaw drop. “Break up? Tomas, I can’t even tell what we’re doing.  Is there something to even break up?”
Sorry, but to me that was just ADORABLE!!!
*Spoiler over**
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