29 December 2013

Harvest Moon, By Tabitha Conall

A mad werewolf chose Lunaville as the perfect hunting ground. He needs new wives to rebuild his harem, and what better place than a town full of wolves? But when he sets his sights on Madison Blake, he runs into trouble--she finds her fated mates before he can grab her.

Maddy, Eli and Donovan face trouble of their own just making their mating work. Maddy and Eli have bad blood between them, history strong enough to keep them apart in spite of the overwhelming mating lust. To find true love, they must not only conquer their own problems but also keep Maddy safe from the mad wolf stalking her.
Have you ever started reading a book and feel as though you are missing a lot of the backstory?  That happened to me with this book!  I did enjoy it, but I felt so confused that I actually stopped reading part of the way through in order to see if there was a book before it that I had missed.
And there wasn’t.
So I went back to reading this book as though it’s the first book by the author I have read, which it was so that wasn’t a lie, and I was still confused!  Now don’t get me wrong, the characters were really well written, and the story line itself was good.  There was drama that was happening that kept me on the edge of my seat and left me wanting for more, but I’m still at a complete loss for the backstory of the characters, town and everything else.
I am on the fence with this book but I do know that I will be sure to check out other books by the author in the future.


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