08 December 2013

Home for the Holidays, By Ros Baxter

Four brothers. Three mistakes.

This time, Beth’s determined to stay out of trouble.

Beth Gibson has a bad history with Canning boys, even though no-one ever believed none of it was her fault.
So when the hottest of them all gets snowed in at her place on Christmas Eve, somehow she knows it’s going to end badly. After all, Jimmy Canning knows all her sins. And he still remembers her as reckless Lizzie.
Can Beth show him that she’s not that kind of girl anymore? And does she even want to?

Well I do have to say, the blurb of this book drew me in and once I started reading the book I had mixed emotions.  Not really sure what exactly I was hoping for, but even though this book didn’t reach my expectations, I still enjoyed the quick read.
We meet Lizzie/Beth who after being humiliated by the Canning brothers, in one way or another.  She sure wasn’t prepared for what would happen Jim Canning showed up at her doorstep!  Even though this story was rather short on the short end of books, I still felt like it was a good read.  The characters were very likeable and it left me rooting for Beth come the end of the story.
Overall, if you are looking for a quick fun read, you should check this book out! 


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