28 December 2013

My Masters' Nightmare Tour Stop!

I didn't see it coming, didn't realize how different everything would be within the space of a month. I would fall in love with one man, I would kill another, and I would lose my body, my mind, my soul - my freedom to them. I was an operative, a strong woman, someone sent in to save others, but under these two men I became weak - or pretended to be. I didn't like being weak, it angered me. If I had free rein I could cut my masters in two. But I wasn't there for pride, I was there to free those women and to take down the two men who sold them as sex slaves.
Those men needed to be punished
And I would do it
No matter the cost
Or how much I lost
Because I am Rita Kovak

#Dark Erotica Please note: Like a television series, this book series is broken up into seasons and episodes. Each episode is approximately 20,000 words long, with a new one coming out on average every three weeks until the first season has ended. There will be fifteen episodes per season. The character on the cover will change after five episodes.

Tbird's Thoughts!
I have no clue what world I just entered into but I can say I like it.  This is twisted and intense.  I am going to do a short review on each episode, which is the first time I have had a series presented to me like this.  It was rather unique and interesting because it added to the feel of this story.  

Episode 1, we have Rita Kovac, who is a widow and an FBI agent.  She was asked to go undercover to get inside a mafia sex slave selling world.  Her husband had been killed by one of the people she was after.  She agreed knowing she was going to be raped, physically damaged and even sold, to what she hopes was a Russian so she could complete her mission.  

We are introduced to the mafia family, Jagger was the main character in this episode, but we learn about the others and the infamous Padre, who I have a feeling will play a major role in this whole story.  The sex scenes are hot, not the rape ones, I wasn't a fan of those.  The story is intense and it grabs you from page one and twists you till you are begging for mercy.  In this episode she is taken by Jagger and her training begins.  

Episode 2, Rita has been discovered to be an FBI agent, of course she is going to deny this.  This episode gets even more dark and twisted than the first.  Rita's worst nightmare comes true as Jagger is no longer in charge of her.  She has been handed to the one she hates the most.  While the POV is still in Jagger and Rita's corner, I found that I wished we would of had Frano’s POV, that would of made this episode so interesting.  He is one twisted man.  The lines are getting blurred now as to who is the characters that I could invest in.  While I was cheering for the fire cracker Rita, her decisions of trying to save certain people in this episode left me bewildered.  

So now we get an introduction to the Padre and he is pure evil on legs, manipulating religion to satisfy his own needs.  The ending on this episode was and OMG moment, screams to save someone, willingness to sacrifice your own life to save the one you are suppose to ruin.........then it fades to black.........and at this point I am thankful I read this whole thing at once, because I would of went insane waiting for the next episode.  

Episode 3, total mind blowing.  Everything we have learned up to this episode, forget it.  The truth is coming out now.  Jagger isn't a liar, he was telling the truth about the Padre, Rita, is she really Rita? We don't know yet, but is she seriously going to fall for the man she hates?  Wait what about her husband?  Oh Lord, save me.  Now we know how horrible Alberto is, sadly that is the one fact we can continue to hold one to......but did we know he was that evil?  Talk about a family turning on each other.  This has now moved from being a book to an twisted soap opera that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  I can't give to much more of a review because this was packed with action and spoilers from page one to the end.  Just believe me when I say, it was called Betrayal for a very good reason and the secrets coming out are mind blowing. 

Episode 4, finally a breather.  We didn't get to much of Jagger, Rita or Frano in this episode, as it was more based on Alberto and Bianca.  I can see where some of the readers would be unhappy about this, since we have been spoon fed drama, twist and major darkness, but I can see where this was a good plan with this style of writing.  I think we needed a let down for a while because I have a feeling the next episode is going to blow us away.  While this wasn't a wasted read, Bianca proved she was a hard core woman willing to do what she needed to for freedom and we did get to understand Alberto more, his diabolical ways of thinking and his ruthlessness that beholds Satan himself, I think I would of felt cheated without this information about him and his wife.  

Episode 5, no this is not the end of the series, BUT it is the end of this review.  So what I said about glad I had all of these together so I didn't have to wait has just been retracted because now I have to wait for episode 6.  Finally we see justice, but I wish it was that easy, as with everything else in this series, justice comes with a twist.  We once again were sent into the dark and twisted mind of Alberto and we get to see a side of Frano that could actually make me forgive him for all his evil deeds.  By this time Rita has totally got sucked into the life of the mafia, her FBI identity long gone.  I can tell you this episode alone made me fear any mafia story for the future.  It also makes me wonder how this author comes up with such dark, evil plots.  I can't go farther into this episode because we are back to the every page is a spoiler alert, yes the intensity has returned, along with some characters we have been missing.  The Russian has laid down the law, he wants his lover back, but is it to late to save him?  Who will die in the family if the Russian doesn't get what rightfully belongs to him.  

I guess we are all in the same boat now and shall wait for episode 6 to see what happens next, but trust me if you want to read a series that will actually give you chills and make you view relationships in a whole new light, this is your series.  

Author's other books, including separated episodes
 "I walked into the hotel bar knowing there was a strong chance that I would be drugged and kidnapped by the end of the night. Which was exactly why I was there." Rita Kovak “I now own your body, your mind, your soul,” he whispered. “You are mine to do as I please. I’m your master, your god, your nightmare...” Jagger D'Angelo speaking. Sneering, he ran a hand over his chest, abs, and cock, cupping his balls. “You want me, we both know it; so you use any excuse to touch my body.” Frano D'Angelo speaking.
NATIONALITY AND CULTURAL CONNECTIONS: I'm a true blue Aucklander, born and bred in New Zealand. I tend to write about cultures I have connections to, such as Croatian and Maori. I would love to visit Croatia again as I have family there. However, in My Masters' Nightmare, I have started writing about Italians . My husband is part Italian and I also have a degree in Italian.   
SPORTS: As a teen my favorite sports were karate, badminton, and running. I also did unarmed combat and played in a touch rugby team (my gym teacher made me do the last one!) Now, I stick to coaching soccer and running. I have completed two marathons, numerous half-marathons and one 30K run.  
CAREER PATH: I started off as a Graphic Designer, then went to Auckland University, where I got a BA degree in Art History and Italian Studies and a post-graduate Honors degree in Art History. I worked in the Art History field, then became a full-time artist, doing commissions. I eventually lost all of my senses and gave it up to be a poor, starving writer, smh.  
FAVORITE FOODS: I'm vegetarian. I love pasta based foods, tofu, chocolate mousse and golden queen peaches.  
BAD HABITS: I'm a major procrastinator that can't seem to earn money to save myself!  
STATUS: Married to my high school sweetheart (which he hates me calling him). We have two kids.

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