16 December 2013

My Whispers of Horror Spotlight!

Title: My Whispers of Horror
Author: Brine Books
Publisher:Brine Books Publishing 
Genre: Human Rights  
Pages: 176 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0992033101 
ISBN-13: 978-0992033101

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Women search for happiness no matter where they live. They want to build a life, family, career in order to insure a wholesome future. But in much of the world the patriarchal cultures women are born into simply nip at a woman’s potential and brutally guards the slave-like position that women occupy.

Women struggle as they are bought and sold as property. Their inheritance of an unequal and corrupt system that works against them. All while being enforced by domestic violence which women must deal with alone.

These issues, and so much more, are addressed by the voices of real women in ex-USSR nations. We included anonymous letters that will touch and terrify you on a personal level, while learning what women still have to deal with today.

What Inspired Me to Write My Book
By Chris Brine of Brine Books Publishing
To find inspiration for me had its own natural progression. When my wife was telling me about what she had experienced within her home nation of Ukraine, I had thought that it would be interesting – at first – to collect stories and publish them. Eventually it had progressed into contacting women in ex-USSR nations and trying to get their stories published. It wasn't an easy task, but the more that I had learned about the situation that women face there the more dedicated to this task I had become. Of course, my wive's help was an absolute necessity so we had become partners in this important project.
With my education in publishing and creative writing, and her understanding of Russian and Ukrainian languages and cultures, we had set out to create an important manuscript that was to be a collection of real stories from the points of view of women in those nations. We also had set out to contact organizations within those countries to build up partnerships so as to send them a portion of our profits.
Again, as I said before, this wasn't an easy task. There is a mind set in those countries to keep one's problems within the family and not publicly air their dirty laundry, which is exactly the phrase that they like to use. Heck, with domestic violence women even sometimes state “if he hits me, then he must love me”. It is a sick way of looking at things, but the patriarchal upbringing enforces this sad view of the society around them. It took a lot of work and dedication for us to find these letters, but over time we had managed to receive what we had sought for.
Not only this but there were also problems with finding a decent non-profit or charity. Many ignored us, and some had even told us that women's equality was inherently evil. These reactions were completely foreign to me, but despite that it could push some down it had, in fact, inspired me further to enact and do something about this ignorant attitude that exists in the world.
This had all come toward the resolution of establishing a publishing house. All of these conflicts made us decide to not stop at just our one book, but to create many others that will stand up for and fight for various human rights abuses around the world whether it is against the LGBT, women, those of another color, or of another ideology. We had decided to establish a publishing house where the sole purpose is to go to war against these ignorant and destructive personal genocides within different sects of society.
But then this all comes to my original influence. Honestly? It was my wife. If I had never met her then I would have never gone down this path. I would have never learned the things that I did. She opened my eyes to the world, and now there is no going back.


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