20 December 2013

Passion Blooms in Paris Spotlight!

Gwenever continues her travels in Europe and after several days without a man, she longs to find passion again. What better place than Paris?

She visits the Louvre and meets Pierre Devaux, a Frenchman, but he’s far from the typical local. He’s a famous French actor and he can’t keep his eyes off Gwen. He offers to escort her through the museum and she gladly accepts. As they explore and analyze the artwork, he seduces her with his sultry words and sexy accent. As Gwen’s desire for him escalates, she quickly forgets about the centuries-old art. But interruptions from fans and visitors keep her and Pierre apart. When he invites her to a private room, she questions if he’s playing games with her. Should she spend the day marveling at the works in the Louvre, or follow what her body yearns for?

She stopped behind the two visitors and read the information on the small stand next to the figurine. The artist carved the masterpiece in 1510 from a type of wood. Amazing. Gwen skimmed the rest of the information and stopped when the visitors in front of the sculpture had moved on. She quickly filled the vacant space and stared at the magnificent work of art.
Brown hair flowed in waves down the light-colored wood, covering the private area between her legs and nearly reaching her knees. The woman had an angelic face with soft features depicting her as kind and loving. Her breasts were small and left exposed by her flowing long locks. The feminine curves added beauty and a better representation of what a young lady looked like.
“Do you like her?” Pierre asked, standing behind her.
His soft voice brought a smile to her face. She turned her head and nodded.
He stepped to her side. “She is breathtaking.” He shifted his attention from the statue to Gwen. “As are you.”
Warmth returned to her cheeks. “These statues are incredible.”
“Yes. Magnificent.”
He glanced behind her then met her gaze. “If I were a sculptor, I would love to create a piece of art in your image.”
“Me?” Gwen said with a hint of surprise.
“Yes. And I’d have to touch every part of you, feel every curve…” He lowered his eyes to her chest. “Caress those sensitive parts to portray them right.”
Her nipples pebbled at the thought of him teasing them.
“How does that make you feel?” he asked.
He grazed his fingers along her arm with his thumb inching ever close to one of her tits. “I’d hold those lovely plump beauties and squeeze them gently. I’d make the centers hard by caressing them with my thumbs. Then I’d suck on each one while I slowly glide my hands over your ribs and past your navel.”
His teasing words revved her need for him. Her temperature climbed. Gwen straightened as she imagined his touch.
“I’d part those lips between your legs, feel inside you and massage the tender spot that makes your knees weak and body tremble.”
Gwen knocked her knees together. Her thong was getting wetter by the second. “Don’t stop now.”
He smiled. “I wouldn’t. I’d have to taste you and make you come with my tongue.”
She was close to coming. His words painted a vivid picture of what he intended to do. She couldn’t wait much longer to turn the fantasy into reality.

I am an erotic romance writer living in Indiana. I write in a variety of genres such as Contemporary, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Erotic Romance and Menage a Trois. When I’m not slaving away at my day job, I create erotic adventures with hot and seductive men. Reader beware, I am not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, or hormonal stirrings. Blame my characters and read responsibly.


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