06 December 2013

White Christmas Spotlight!!

What if your only chance at survival was to seduce the man who broke your heart?

Seventeen years after the Apocalypse, Admiral-class Explorer Tabysha is caught up in a firefight and shot down over Tyver, where ice vampires hunt human warmth. Seeking shelter in an ice cave, she is instructed to stay put and await rescue. But after another ship crash-lands, and the Hunter Gatherers stalk its wounded pilot, Tabi breaks protocol.

When it turns out the survivor is the man who stole her heart then skipped out on her ten years before, it seems to Tabi that no good deed goes unpunished, and things can’t get any worse. But she’s so wrong.

As the Hunters pick up the escalating heat signature of the former lovers, Tabi has to tell Asha that there is only one way to repel the creatures stalking them.

And it involves picking up where they left off ten years before.

She grasped the Narcan firmly, held the syringe high above her head and drove it hard and fast into the centre of his chest, to ensure she punctured suit, clothing and skin and got to his heart.
One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand.
The Avenger sat up like a cartoon robot and babbled incoherently as he tore at his mask.  Tabi tried to hold his arms but, even messy with the after effects of barbs and Narcan, this Avenger was strong.
He settled a little and pulled at his helmet, ripping it from his head and throwing it into the snow.  He took long, hungry gulps of sweet Tyver oxygen just as all of Tabi’s breath whooshed from her lungs.
Oh no.
“You.”  The word was wrenched from the deepest, most secret place inside her.  It burned her throat as it made its bitter way out and licked poison onto her lips as she spat it at him.
The warrior finally tuned in and turned back towards her.  “Tabysha?”
Oh by the Apocalypse, it really was him.  And he still sounded exactly the same.  Like lazy Sundays, contraband music and wickedness whispered in her ear.
“If I’d known it was you, I’d have let the Tyverians suck your bones dry.” She threw the empty syringe at his chest and turned on her heel. “You’d better run,” she threw over her shoulder at him as she made for the cliff.  “They’re going to be here real soon.”
It was true.  She could feel the ground starting to pulse beneath her feet.  Eight minutes, perhaps, before they would rise from the snow like icy vampires and make a meal of him.
Which was no less than the asshole deserved.

Ros writes fresh, funny, genre-busting fiction. She digs feisty heroines, quirky families, heroes to make you sigh and tingle, and a dash of fantasy from time to time.

Ros has published Sister Pact, a romantic comedy co-written with her sister Ali, with Harper Collins; and Fish Out of Water and White Christmas with Escape Publishing.  She has sequels to Sister Pact and Fish Out of Water coming out in 2014, as well as a new single title romantic comedy: Lingerie for Felons.

Ros lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her husband Blair, four small but very opinionated children, a neurotic dog and nine billion germs.
Ros loves to hear from readers and connect with them on her facebook and twitter pages.   
You can email Ros at rosbaxterink@gmail.com or find her:
on twitter @RosBaxter
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