31 January 2014

Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining

In Beautiful Addictions by Season Vining, Josie Banks is a girl without a past.  After being found unconscious with no memory, she was shuffled in and out of foster homes where she suffered years of abuse. An experience that left her broken, damaged, and clinging to drugs and meaningless hook-ups to numb her pain.

When Josie disappeared years ago, she took a piece of Tristan with her.  She’s the girl he thought he lost forever—the one he’s never been able to forget.  Now a twist of fate has brought them back together, and he never wants to let her out of his inked arms again.  But Tristan is haunted by a dark past of his own.  On the run from ruthless criminals that shattered Josie’s world years ago, reentering her life puts them both in danger.

As Josie and Tristan’s lives become tangled once again, they find themselves unwilling and unable to escape the relentless pull that draws them together.  But will the past leave their love in ruins—or bind them together for a lifetime? 

I will start off by saying it was such a nice break to read something other than New Adult and to read a book that was so well edited. I only found two errors in this whole book and this was the unedited edition! So, that in itself was amazing.

Okay so in this book we meet Josie who is addicted to sex, alcohol, and pills. Well anything that will take her out of her pitiful existence. She has no memories of her childhood before going into foster care at the age of 15, I believe. Her foster parents were horrible and she would have done anything to get away from them even living on the streets. She is hard core and afraid of emotional involvements. She has never let anyone in. Until.....

Tristan is another lost soul eeking his way through life. He is smart and even has an eidetic memory. They have a chance meeting in an alley and felt a connection. We go on the journey from there.

"You look just like a girl I used to know. McKenzi Delaune," Tristan said. "But that's impossible." Josie, not having heard that name for so long, dropped her hand and looked down at the sidewalk. She didn't associate with that girl anymore, she hadn't for years. Fear clawed at her chest as she wondered how much she should say. Something pulled the confession from her. "I used to be her," she answered. "I thought you were dead."

This is a mixture of romance, suspense, and thriller. Tristan and Josie are connected in a way that nobody could imagine and they will both risk their lives to save each other. I really enjoyed this book and seriously could not put it down. I had an hour (according to the Kindle) left and it was four in the morning. I set the Kindle down, covered up, put on my sleep show, laid there for ten minutes and then convinced myself that another hour of staying up wouldn't hurt. So my recommendation to you is that if you get anywhere near the end, make sure you do not have any plans or it isn't in the middle of the night because you will HAVE to know what happens. This book also had a couple of twists and turns and even a scenario that shocked me!

So I really enjoyed it. I loved Tristan and really want to find someone as well read and smart as him. The supporting characters were great and very well developed. I will say that there were quite a few different roles in this book and it did get a little confusing at times (especially the beginning) trying to keep them all straight. I loved Alex and hope that maybe one day we will get his story. That being all said, I don't know why it wasn't a five star for me. It was good, but it just didn't wow me.

"All of his memories, his intellect, his unwavering love and devotion for a girl like her is what made Tristan her perfect and beautiful addiction."

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/beautiful-addictions-season-vining/1116824570?ean=9781466849853&itm=1&usri=season+vining     "http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00F8FOZ7G/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00F8FOZ7G&linkCode=as2&tag=crysmanrev-20  


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