27 January 2014

Strings Attached by Cassandra Gold

 James Hastings is having a bad week. All he wants to do is buy a six-pack and spend an evening moping. Instead, he wins a weeklong trip to Hawaii, thanks to a young man at the liquor store.

Tattoo and piercing artist Travis Barton is surprised when the cute guy he helped out wins a trip and invites him to come along. Still, he's not about to pass up a free trip to Hawaii.

Travis's idea of a no-strings fling goes against James's nature, but it seems like a great way to make the trip even better. Then their hot, uninhibited nights together start to blur into something more, and James starts to imagine Christmas ever after -- Travis, with strings attached.

Note: This book is a revised and re-edited version of a book sold elsewhere under the title Fantasies: Christmas.
I had thought this book was really cute.  We have Travis and James who meet under completely bizarre circumstances.  And we get to follow them as they get a trip of a lifetime with each other. 
But I really enjoyed how we were able to follow with how the characters were both battling with their feelings and the strings that neither of them wanted to attach. But apparently they do all attach at one point or another.
The smut scenes that happen in the book are very detailed, but not in an overboard sort of way where they border lined on crude.  I think they were written very well
One thing I enjoyed about the book was the amount of details that went into the whole story itself.  This book was not just about the sex, you were able to learn a lot about both the characters throughout the course of the book.  And I think that added a lot to the story.
Another thing that I did like was the ending of the book, how it didn’t happen right away.  Once you read the book you will know what I’m talking about here!



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