01 February 2014

Double Exposure by Borino & Stevens

 Family is what you make it. Keeping it together is often more complicated than we realize.With the man who stabbed Zack still on the loose, in reaction to his fear Zack becomes even more dependent on his submissive role in his marriage. This leaves the whole family, especially his husband, Steve, reeling.
Darren, Drew’s abusive ex, won’t let them heal in peace. Darren goes from soiling Drew’s name in the media to harassing his current partner, Alex, until he finally takes the one thing the family can’t afford to lose.
Double Exposure tells a story of a family who have every reason to run, but come through all their trials with hope and love. And a little help from the kink that brought them together.
This book was a lot like the first in a way because I think I finally came to terms with the fact that there are 2 main couples throughout the book.  So the switching back and forth between the issues with one couple and the other was easy to do.
There was still a fair amount of drama that took place during this book and it was really great to see how one person’s reaction to something can affect everyone else around them.  Because that did happen in this book.   There was a lot going on in this book, but it was still easy to follow what was going on. 
One thing that I do enjoy bout this series so far is the absolute love that all the characters have for each other.  And it’s not just sexual love; they have feelings for their friends that they would do anything for them.  I thought that it was really great that the authors brought that into story because it added a whole level to the relationship between everyone.
I think that with this being the second book in the series, the author still did a really good job at keeping the story flowing and it didn’t seem to just go flat at any point.
Overall though, this wasn’t a quick read.  It’s one that will have you thinking and sitting on the edge of your seat at times.
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