25 February 2014

Hiding in Plain Sight by Cassandra Carr

 Vladimir Gusev exists in a living hell. A year ago in the Olympics he was forced to use a homophobic slur during a game, and guilt is eating him from the inside out. Not only is Vladimir not a homophobe, but in the aftermath of the Olympics, he was finally able to admit his true nature to himself. Yet he's been taught homosexuality is a sin, so he tries to push away his feelings, but to no avail.

Joe Bufford is an out gay man and an ex-Delta Force member who was medically discharged after an injury to his hand leaves him no longer able to perform his duties. His job as a mechanic at the airport is hardly a long-term career choice, but Joe has no idea where he can utilize the skills he learned in the Army.

Vladimir and Joe meet, and Joe instantly recognizes Vladimir as a terrified closet case. Before he knows it, Joe is offering to help Vladimir figure out what he is and what he wants. As time goes on, Joe begins to hope more and more that the answers to those questions lie with him.

I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to feel about this book when I first started it. If you have read the first book in the series See the Light, I’m sure you will understand why that is. So I was very surprised and happy when I started the book and I completely loved it!!!
I’ll go ahead and get my one complaint out of the way and then I’ll start with why I loved the book so much. My one complaint is how quickly the book moved along; it was like once Joe and Vladimir met and realized they had something in common the book just completely took off from there. I suppose I was hoping for more resistance from Vladimir during the course of the book.
Now, with that being said, I did still love the book! I couldn’t get past everything that Vladimir had been dealing with, and how he was trying to deal with it all. Joey’s character was just amazing. I loved the strength that he showed to Vladimir the course of the story.
And let me just say, holy hotness when it comes to the smutty scenes! The author has a way about her that she can write such amazing scenes, that are extremely detailed, but not over the top. It completely shocks me that this is the second M/M book that she has written, yet she writes them like she has been doing it for years.
Overall, I did enjoy this book immensely and I can’t wait to read what she has in store for us next. And hopefully next time, she will have an ending that doesn’t leave me with a ton of questions!

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