01 February 2014

The Estate by Sarah O'Rourke

When desire meets delicious depravity, the only place to be is at The Estate.

This multi-chapter story draws you into the secretive world of hedonism among the social elite...and refuses to let you leave until you have experienced all the delicious depravity that The Estate has to offer.

Maggie Stone may have been a respected judge in her day-to-day life...but when she walked into the secretive walls of The Estate, she became every man's dream...and tonight, she has become the dream of TWO men. She'd long ago stopped trying to identify what it was about the carnality of the sex act that could give her peace. Now, she simply accepted it, often glorying in the complete satisfaction she gained from these stolen nights.

Grayson Chambers questioned his decision to let his best friend draw him into the whirlpool of desire that was The Estate. But the thoughts of letting himself be abandoned to the demons that clamored to be satisfied were too strong to resist...and Grayson found that the two people inside The Estate were exactly what he needed to reach Nirvana.

Marc Samuels wanted Grayson Chambers...and he wanted Maggie Stone just as much. Masterminding the perfect night was one of his many talents, and he was determined to possess both the beautiful woman and the gorgeous man...and Marc Samuels always got his way.

Erotica....passion...threesome....m/m/f....m/f....and so, so much more in 15,000+ words!

When I first started this one, I was a little bit confused but I felt the story got better the further you got into it.
You get to meet Greyson, Marc and Ice throughout this book and the sex is just off the walls.  Nothing was held back when it came to the sex between the three of them.
My only complaint about the book would be just how quickly Greyson was able to fall into a sexual relationship with a man.  There were no hints given if he had done it before, or even if he was attracted towards a man before.  It just left like he was pushed into it with no explanation.
I think that the scenes that took place between the three of them were very hot and it was interesting to see what all was going on.  The one thing that I do wish would have been added was more about what was happening at The Estate and what Greyson’s thoughts were on it all.
But overall, I think that this was a really good smutty read!  So if you are looking for a complete smut filled read, you should really check this one out!

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