13 February 2014

Your Exception by Bria Starr

Logan Kalford was Wren Summers’ dream come true.

All I’d ever wanted was to fall in love and be loved in return.
Logan stole my heart when I least expected it. He was sexy, adventurous, and the way he played guitar left me weak in the knees. He made me happy. He made me think I’d found the one.
And he made me believe in happy endings.
I knew he was my forever. I thought he knew it too.
I was wrong.
He destroyed everything I thought we had and shattered my dreams of us. He left me heartbroken. He made me doubt myself.
And he didn’t even seem to care…
Now I must let go. But how can I when he still consumes me?
How do you walk away from what you know was real?

In this debut novel by Bria Starr we meet Wren who has recently left a long term relationship and is learning to find her feet. She moves in with her best friend Cassidy. While living with Cassidy, we follow her through love and loss and heartbreak.
Okay, let's start with what I did like. :)
 The author has a good feel for writing dialogue. I felt those parts of the book were really strong. Cassidy was an amazing character. I loved her and loved how she was honest about what she wanted with the men in her life and wasn't afraid to go out and get what she wanted.
Another character I loved was her friend Zachary. I would have jumped all over him and never let go if I were her! For the author's debut book, I felt the writing was pretty good. I would definitely read more from her in the future but would not read any more of this series if there were to be more. I also loved the epilogue where we saw four years into the future. It is a pet peeve of mine to read an epilogue that happens like a month after the book ends. That isn't an epilogue. It is an afterthought. This author did an epilogue the right way and for that, she gets some major applause!
Now onto what I didn't like in this book.  :(
First of all is Wren. She has absolutely no backbone in this book and also doesn't react or respond to situations the way I feel ANY other normal female would for the most part. She falls in love with Logan (a hot member of a band), then when that doesn't work out, she immediately begins dating Aaron (who is also a hot member of another band), all while being best friends with Zach (another hot member in a band). Is this girls vagina made of gold and encrusted in diamonds?! I mean really, none of this seems at all plausible in my mind. She isn't described as being all that amazing looking, her personality doesn't seem that great, and she has no self confidence. Maybe I have been going about my life wrong?
Okay moving on.
Logan, yes Logan. He is a total douchebag and she just allows it. Hence, another reason that poor girl needed to grow a backbone. I wish I could rant more but I don't want to give any spoilers away.
So to say I hated the way the book ended would be a major understatement. I do not agree with Wren's decisions but I am not her so I guess I cannot get upset. Also, the little thing that happened with her ex Alec (who was also in love with her still-maybe she had some rubies bedazzled on her hoohah also?) just seemed very forced to me. I felt more in this book needed to be developed to make it a full and complete reading experience for me.
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