12 April 2014

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Title: Heights of Desire
Author: Mara White
Genre: Erotica
Publication Date: December 24, 2013 

A woman who has everything meets a man who can offer her nothing but trouble. They bring each other to a height of desire neither thought possible, but is it enough to overcome the differences that tear them apart?

Kate Champion, a forty-two-year-old, married mother of two, leads an enviable upper class life of luxury. Her comfortable path takes an unexpected detour after a chance encounter at a neighborhood playground.

Jaylee Inoa is a twenty-two-year-old, second generation New York Dominican with close ties to the Heights and the gangs that run them.

Her life of privilege is no match for the code of the streets he navigates with ease. When a crime of the heart leads to a crime in the flesh, how far will she go to redeem him? Can she risk all in her life that is golden for the love of her golden-eyed man?

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The author is brilliant with her writing style; the way she connects words to create a story is wonderful to read.  The plot of this story was interesting and I was very excited to read it after reading the blurb.  What happen to my excitement is I found I was unable to connect to any of the three main characters because I was angry more often than entertained in this book.  I had to put it down for a few days at one point because I just was just sick of Kate acting like she had the right to pretend to be a teenager again. 

Kate is married to a lawyer, rich stay at home mom to two little girls with the help of a “nanny/babysitter”.  She has an education but finds herself now in her 40’s, with a husband who is gone a lot and too much time on her hands.  She has a best friend whom she tells every detail of her life to, the good/bad, pretty/ugly and she does it with no shame or remorse. 

Robert married to Kate, partner in a law firm who loves his wife and daughters and wants to give them the world.  What I found irritating about him was he lacked emotion a lot.  He came up with a solution that would best fit his idea of life and expected everyone to go with his plan.  I had some issues with how he responded to the things Kate did, I never really obtained a clear idea of what he was really thinking because he approached everything in the lawyer mentality.

Jaylee is a young troubled man in his 20’s. Being from a family that is just a disaster he had no guidance and found himself mixed up with drugs and the law.  More importantly he has a strong attraction to Kate but is still selfish not only in bed but in not giving any thought to her marriage and family. He sees her for the first time as she is taking her daughters to dance class.  He makes a comment about her tattoo and from there the eye contact communicated more than words could say.  Jaylee made sure he was there when she got out and interjected himself into her and her daughter’s afternoon at the playground, not saying anything.  Later he finds his way into her life and house more and it became an addiction to each other more than love or desire.

This book is the first in a series and the end was a wild cliffhanger that left me really debating if I would want to read it the second book.  I am thinking that finding out what happens next might be worth more hours of being frustrated and angry at the behavior of three grown people.  I was upset because it felt like the kids were used as ways for Jaylee and Kate to get together more than anyone caring about them.  At one point when Kate was talking to her best friend, she was talking about wanting custody of the girls so she could go on with her life.  That angered me because once again she didn’t give much thought to tearing up these girls’ home and family for her own desires, even when Jaylee was not going to be fully in the picture.  

I really really wanted to love this story. The writing itself was actually quite good. I just had major issues with the story line. 

Kate is a woman in her 40s, who is married with two kids. She meets a guy with beautiful eyes and falls in lust. Which, hey, happens. Real life, right? But I just couldn't like her character for the fact that she is crying because she doesn't see him the following week. Attached that fast while Happily married, doesn't happen. Not for me.. There was just something missed there for me. 

Then we have Jaylee, a man in his 20s, who is instantly infatuated with this older woman. He did absolutely nothing for me. He didn't care that she was married and had kids. 

I just felt like the characters were all selfish and while it might be realistic, it didn't make it a good read to me. I'd have liked to see the characters grow and develop from what they were going through and the situations instead of just jumping in and out of the same situations without learning from them. 

I’m a reader, a writer, and a lover of all things romantic. I’m also a coffee, hot sauce, ink, telenovela and Bikram Yoga enthusiast. I live in New York City with my husband and two children, and I spend a lot of time on the playground.

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