07 April 2014

Straight Shooter by Heidi Belleau

This macho jock has a crooked little secret.

College hockey player Austin Puett is in trouble. Unless he starts treating his flamboyantly gay roommate with respect, he’ll lose his room and his job at Rear Entrance Video. But Austin’s got a not-so-straight secret of his own: nothing turns him on more than insults implying he’s gay—even though he’s definitely not!—and all his old coping methods have stopped working.

Pure desperation drives him to rent a Mischievous Pictures porn flick about straight men tricked into servicing Puck, a male dominant. Instead of letting off steam, though, it just leaves him craving more, more, more, and suddenly, Austin finds himself at Mischievous Pictures Studios for an audition. After all, you can be Gay For Pay and still be straight . . . right?

But meeting Liam Williams, the real person behind Puck, confuses Austin even more. Liam really seems to like him as a person, and Austin likes him back. And while Gay For Pay’s okay, what does it make Austin if he still wants Liam when the cameras aren’t rolling?

One thing that I have loved about this series since I first started reading it is how the author takes circumstances and relationships that are not the “average” kind, and writes about them with these books. This book contains some scenes that might make some readers uncomfortable, so my recommendation is to be open-minded while reading this book.
Right from the start, I felt horrible for Austin’s character! I have no clue what it is like to go through what he is dealing with throughout the course of the book, but I do also admire him sometimes as well. His character was written very well in my opinion and with everything he was dealing with, I think that the author handled it quite well.
Liam’s character though, even though I understand a bit why he was the way he was, I didn’t really like him that much. Even come the end of the book, I didn’t like him. But thankfully, that didn’t ruin the book for me in the long run.
There is a side of BDSM relationships that is portrayed in this book, and the things that I loved about those was it felt like the author had actually done their research when it came to them. The scenes weren’t just thrown in there for shock value, they added to the story on many levels. Now to be honest, there were a few scenes that I personally was uncomfortable with, but overall I did enjoy the book.
I really can’t wait to see what the author has in store for us with the next book in the series because so far I have loved every one!

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