22 April 2014

You Can See Me by A.E. Via

 World renowned chef, Prescott Vaughan was at the height of his career. Right before he's to leave for Paris to work alongside his idol, a horrific car accident leaves him completely blind.

His female fiancé leaves him in a state of desperation and depression. He pines for love, companionship, and so happens to find it in the form of his very sexy neighbor. Sexy male neighbor, Dr. Rickson 'Ric' Edwards.

Prescott's not gay - at least he never considered himself gay - until Ric saves him from a date, gone terribly wrong. The two neighbors hit it off quickly and waste no time exploring and learning each other. Things are great until Ric begins to have his doubts about meeting Prescott's many wants.

When Ric insist he and Prescott take a breather, Pres finds himself lonely and miserable again. Enter, male escort and aspiring chef, Blair McKenzie to fill the void.

In the meantime, Ric works on his issues that prohibit him from displaying the love he knows he has for Prescott. When Ric is finally ready and returns to claim Prescott he's not sure that Pres can let go of the sexy, southern, hotness that is Blair McKenzie. After Ric has his own personal encounter with the sinfully sexy man, he can't help but become entranced and crave more as well.

Pres soon realizes that there's no need to choose between his two men, because when all three of them finally come together - grab a cold drink - because the heat is going to go all the way up!

​ This is not your typical gay ménage romance. Everyone is not happy, skipping along, and loving life. These men are at each other’s throats. They live completely separate lives; fuss, cuss, and fight until they all realize exactly what the problem is...too damn much sexual tension.

Usually I’m not a fan of ménage stories, for the simple fact that they just seem to throw together 3 people, and there isn’t a lot of reasoning as to why, or even if all of the people actually want to be in that type of relationship.  With this book though, I do like how it all worked out with Prescott, Ric, and Blair.
I really enjoyed how each character had their own personalities, and they were all so opposite of each other. They were so different, that it was really interesting and fun to read as they learned how to work with each other. And watch as their relationship bloomed.
When it comes to the characters, I really did like Prescott and Ric’s characters the best. I did feel as though with Blair’s character, there wasn’t a lot of information given about him. It wasn’t until near the end of the story that I was able to develop any real connection towards him. But once that did happen, I started to enjoy him a bit more.
I did like how the author didn’t focus on the fact that Prescott was blind. While we did know that fact, it wasn’t broadcasted on every page that he had that disability. I thought that it was a smart move from the author to not put that into the story too much. For me personally, when it came to his character, I didn’t focus on that fact, to me he was just a normal guy.
With the relationship that was forming, I thought the author did a great job with making it extremely realistic. It was amazing to me that Prescott and Ric didn’t stay together. I enjoyed that part because it wasn’t an insta-love story. This story was more one that was real to me personally.
My main complaint about the story would be how the ending was quite predictable. I wasn’t surprised at all with the way that everything happened. I just wish there would have been some sort of twist come the ending of the book.
Overall, I did enjoy the story and I can’t wait to read more from this author in the future!
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