06 May 2014

English Chaps by Lori Toland

A year ago, Tony Terranova followed his heart and left behind everything he knew in the States for a chance to build a life with Nathaniel Bradley. When an old flame of Bradley’s pops back into the picture, Tony has to face Bradley’s past. They have loved and lived a year together but is their relationship strong enough to weather the darkest of nights?
I really enjoyed this short about Bradley and Tony! It was very smut filled, but at the same time an extremely good read.
I liked how we were able to catch up with this couple and see how they have been doing in their relationship. Although there is plenty of smut in the story, there was also a lot happening that wasn’t about that. We were able to follow along as Tony and Bradley deal with the insecurities in their relationship, and also as they take it to the next level.
I think that this was a really good peek into Tony and Bradley’s life after The Long Con.


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