29 May 2014

Sarah's Tutorial by Emily Tilton

When Professor John Dunn moves to Corbin's Bend, hoping to live the spanking-centered BDSM lifestyle for which he has always yearned, he gets more than he bargained for when his brilliant student Sarah Harshaw sets out to seduce him. Sarah, in turn, gets much more than she bargained for when she finds herself taken in hand, and loving it. Both John and Sarah know that their torrid D/s relationship is wrong, but both also know that they have found in the other a true partner not just erotically, but intellectually as well.

Will their love survive the trials that inevitably befall it when Sarah's parents find out, and confront John? Can Sarah convince John that she knew what she was doing when she entered his office even though wearing his collar wasn't in her game-plan?

If you don’t know anything about this series, here is a very brief overview of it all!  Corbin’s Bend Series is 10 authors who have gotten together to write standalone books about the different couples who live in Corbin’s Bend. So it’s great fun to get the 10 different author styles and personalities in their stories, and learn more about the town as you progress further into the stories.
After I finished Finding Their Bliss, I couldn’t wait to start reading this book!  While I did know going into this series that all the authors have their own writing styles, I was caught completely off guard with this book. This is a really hard review for me to write because even though I did enjoy the story, I also didn’t enjoy it at the same time.
To me, while reading about Sarah and John, I felt as if the story was very strict and uptight. I do understand that this book was a variation of the Master/slave relationship; I just wasn’t able to get into the story completely. I do believe that part of the problem for me personally was how formal the writing was. It’s not written like a lot of books these days are, it read more like a historical book. There were a few times where I had to actually pull out my dictionary to know what Ms. Tilton was actually talking about when it came the wording she was using. Another thing that I didn’t enjoy about the book was how near the end of the story, there were some time jumps that happened that left me completely confused as to what day Ms. Tilton was actually writing about.
One thing that I did completely enjoy about the story was how it wasn’t as clear cut as it seemed it would be. There were some things that happened that did catch me off guard, and it was a good thing. So those twists are what kept me into the story.
Overall though, even though I enjoyed the twists, I wasn’t able to connect with the story completely because of how formal it was.
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