29 May 2014

Smoking Holt by Sabrina York

 A Simmering Attraction, An Irresistible Challenge

Bella Cross has had a thing for Holt Lamm since college, but his scorching dominant energy scares her to death. And his list of conquests annoys her. But when Holt catches her smoking, and
offers her something else to fixate on--if only for a night--she simply cannot resist.

Before long, they are both lost in an erotic exploration that will last longer than one night. Perhaps

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This was a really interesting book to read. I had read the previous book in the series and I had mixed emotions about reading this one. I am glad though that I read it, because to me personally I enjoyed this book a lot more than the previous book. Just because of the characters and how it felt to me personally. There was more going on for me in the book than just sex.
It was really great to follow along with Bella as she realizes she can rely on her friends and family to help her with the situation that she’s in, and to me that just added so much more to the story. It gave the story a more realistic feel, than just Bella and Holt meet up and have sex.
Holt’s character, I have to say, is my favorite that I have read in this series so far. He was extremely calm and understanding, even going to the point to where he did something he was uncomfortable with just to make Bella feel more comfortable.
I can say that after reading this book, this series has started to grow on me and I will look into the other books in the series that I haven’t read yet.
The sex scenes that happen during the book are very well written, and very detailed but not to a crude fashion.
Overall, I would say if you’re looking for a quick read, that has smut and real life situations I would be sure to check this one out.


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