27 June 2014

The Hunter's Realm Tour Stop!

Kelly Jackson has spent four years running and hiding. Her prince turned out to be an abusive bastard who tried to take her son. Moving into a nice quiet neighborhood the last thing she wants is to be drawn to her McHottie neighbor. No matter that her children think he belongs to the family.
Elliot Hensworth, one of the Realm’s mightiest warriors, was sent to the other side to guard the weakening wall between the Realms. The last thing he needs is a petite sexy neighbor with her inquisitive children to find out that he isn't what he seems.
The Hunter’s Realm is a story of strength, love and courage, face your worst fears and survive, to put your faith and trust in another person and the joy that comes when you do.
I will admit, I’ve moved away from the paranormal romance over the last few years.  I’m happy once in a while to work it back into my reading, but it usually takes more than this story has to offer to fully lure me back in.
Kelly is fleeing an abusive relationship and psycho ex.  When she moves into a new neighborhood with her twins, the last thing she needs is a hotty next door neighbor.  But that is exactly what she gets.  Eliot is a guard of the realm, sent to protect the weakening wall between this world and the next.  He doesn’t want complications, but when Kelly and her kids move in, he starts to feel things he doesn’t expect.  Chief among them a need to protect.  When Kelly’s ex shows up, it turns out that he is an escaped dragon from the realm.  Eliot becomes involved in the affairs of Kelly and her family, and has no choice but to open his world up to her.  Can Kelly accept this new and strange reality, and will she give in to the attraction she feels for Eliot in the midst of all the peril?
I have to say that this book was really exciting and fun to read.  The world building was really good, and I liked the creatures and ideas presented in this.  I did have some difficulty with the flow and editing of this book.  It had some run on sentences and strange punctuation to get through, but once I got past that I found myself enjoying it.
Eliot is pretty tasty.  I mean, if I had to go for an otherworldly man, I’d put Eliot at the top of the list.  Protective, badass, and majorly hot…I was into it.  I also thought that the kids in this book were great.  As a mother I could relate to their antics and really enjoyed the energy that they injected into the story. 
Overall, I did like this book.  I found it to be exciting and action packed, and had no problem getting into the story even with some of the technical difficulties.  I’d recommend this to any love of PNR.  4 stars.
After all, wasn't every day that a total hottie almost landed in her lap wearing low-hipped track pants and no shirt to hide the flattest stomach and most deliciously muscled arms ever? However, that's all she'd be doing--looking. No touching, definitely no touching. But God, those clear, bright blue eyes and sun streaked, golden tousled hair almost made her change her mind.

"Sorry if we bothered you," she said. "We've been cleaning all morning, and the twins needed to let off some steam."

"It is I who must apologize for the irregular behavior. I assure you that it will not be happening again," he said, shrugging sheepishly.
Rea tugged on her hand so she looked down.

"Is he a powceman, mommy?" he said in a loud whisper that sprayed from his lips.

Good question. Kellie looked at the stranger. Good looks aside, why had he dived into their yard with a gun?

"No, I'm not a policeman. Although, I do work with them occasionally, I'm an oddity investigator or maybe easier to be known as a missing persons investigator," he answered.

Kellie's eyes widened and in spite of her vow to stay celibate, her libido woke up and yawned with interest. Go back to sleep, she told her awakening body. I swore off men, remember?
A little about me is I am a person who loves life and living in the moment. I have found a deep passion in my life in writing romance and erotica novels as much as I enjoy reading them too. I started writing as a hobby and since have been inspired to publish what I have. My heroines are always strong women that can stand up for themselves.

My favorite genre to write is Paranormal, but I am delving into other genres as well. My passion is to express how I feel and see romance, sex, and creatures of the unknown come alive on the pages of my books. Immortal highlanders, witches, vampires, Lycans, warlocks and many more, some of my work is inspired by daydreaming , but mostly by a wild imagination.  I am now exploring, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical and Western Romance, as well as Erotica. I am also thinking of doing a few YA books too.

My first book was published on May 7, 2012, ever since Blood Ties (Wicked Blood Series #1) hit the shelves it has been great and a dream come true. Taking the characters that are in my head and bringing life to them is accelerating. I am staying very busy these days as I am working on three more books for this year. One is another in the Wicked Blood Series and another from my Marshal’s Series and a final one with my Co-Author J.L.Raven. 

Coming June 20,2014 I will be releasing another novel, this is a fantasy romance entitled, “The Hunter’s Realm” published by BookRhythm.

I could not have gotten this far without the Lord's help and several friends and family.


  1. Thank you, so much for participating in this blog tour and for the 4 star review on The Hunter's Realm.