15 July 2014

Bed of Cole's by Jyll Stonecypher

Can a hot summer of lust turn into something more?

Mark Unger always steered clear of male relationships while at Michigan State University. He was just not ready to explore his sexual side. When his father kicks him out, he is forced to re-examine his privileged and easy life. He now has nowhere to live and very little money. His plans for a relaxing summer on the beaches of Lake Michigan are dashed now. His mother quickly finds him a low paying job as a stable hand but at least it has room and board benefits. With his parents soon departing on a European vacation, he is on his own in a rural environment he didn’t ask for. What he didn’t count on was meeting the man who stirs desire in him he can’t ignore.

Cole Denton lives quietly on the grounds of Maple Hill stables. He’s gay, but not out of the closet by any means. His life has not been easy, an early stint in the Navy, followed by construction jobs. While not perfect, his handyman job at Maple Hill is easier than some things he’s done for a living. When he meets Maple Hill’s newest employee, he gets a raging hard on that won’t quit. Being in close quarters on a daily basis with Mark will be like throwing gasoline on a fire. Their two lives soon intertwine. A hot summer of love and lust awaits them, surging and washing over them like the gentle waves of Lake Michigan. Will their relationship last, or will it wither like Maple H ill’s fall leaves?

I knew this was a short story going into it, but I still felt like I was let down when it came to the end of it. The story did move at a fast speed in the beginning, but come the ending of the book, it just kinda stopped.
There was a fair amount of smuttiness that happened in the story, but when it came to actual story, I felt very let down on that aspect. I did like Cole’s character in the story, I felt like he was more realistic than Mark was while reading. Mark to me felt like a spoiled brat, which he was at the beginning of the story, and even near the ending of it, I still think that he was.
Even though he made plans for his future, I didn’t really see any growth come from him. I feel a bit let down with how this story ended, but I do think I will give the author another chance in the future.


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