16 August 2014

68 & Climbing by Kate Douglas

 A reissue of one of Kate Douglas's most memorable contemporary romances will appeal to fans of Susan Andersen and Susan Mallery.

Fashion designer Annmarie Weston is working under one of the tightest and most important deadlines of her career. Just when she gets her staff sewing at the perfect pace, a construction crew moves in to remodel the building next door, distracting her girls with their hunky bodies. The worse part is that every time the temperature rises, the guys take their shirts off and pretty soon even Annmarie gets lured into the enticing view. . . .

Determined to put an end to the distraction, Annmarie confronts contractor Nick Marone and it isn't long before the two are spending way too much time locked in each other's arms, taking them both away from what they should really be doing.

I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this book when I started it because even though I am a fan of Ms. Douglas’ work, I have mainly read her paranormal books.  I did end up enjoying this story more than I thought that I would, but I still felt like something was missing I believe.
The characters were well written, it was very easy to follow along with the story as well.  It was a very fast paced story that I was able to finish reading in a couple hours.  While the characters were well written, I didn’t personally feel a connection to them while reading.  It didn’t deter me from enjoying the story, but I was just missing that connection.
There is some sex that takes place, but as with typical Ms. Douglas fashion, it’s not overplayed or written crudely at all.  It did add to the story, so I thought that was a very good thing.
Overall, I do think that this is a really good rainy day read, one that if you are looking for a good read that you can enjoy without any extra drama that takes place in a lot of books out there these days.


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