08 August 2014

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 The follow-up to Everything.

Dacey and her family just went through having "Everything" in their life change. After the death of her parents, the rest of the family seems to working on moving forward. Her younger sister, Aria, is moving forward and is happy in a relationship. Her ex-boyfriend is clearly moving on, and even her crazy Aunt has started a new chapter in her life. She knew her life was beyond perfect, she thought she had seen the worst of it. Now with a wedding to plan, her distant bestie and trying to forget about how broken she really is Dacey is trying to start her own new chapter.... But fear, ex-boyfriends and malicious uncles keep getting in her way. She thought she could handle it all. And then there's Justin who has made it very clear that he wants to be more to her than just a friend, but is Dacey ready for that? Can "Anything" go right for Dacey? Ever?

This is the second book in the Everything series, and is a continuation of the first book in the series.  Dacey is in the process of not only grieving her parent’s death, but also dealing with Trevor’s betrayal. Dacey is getting left behind a bit as everyone around her seems to be moving on with their lives.  Luckily, she has Justin to help her along, and possibly help her find her way out of her cycle.  But can she be open to more than just a friendship with Justin?  What about a new friendship in her life with Blaze?
I think the best part of this book is the characters.  Aunt Opal, Aria, Justin (swoon!) and Blaze made this book for me.  I think I may have liked the supporting characters more than I liked Dacey, actually.  I had a hard time understanding her feelings a bit, especially when it comes to Justin.  However, I just kept turning these pages (figuratively) to see how it all turned out for her.  Would she get over herself and learn to live life again and take advantage of what is right in front of her?  And by the way, what was right in front of her was a hot ass cop who was her knight in shining armor more than once.  Come on, Dacey!  Get your head out of your backside, girl!
This is fairly short and light read.  It doesn’t delve too crazy deep into the characters feelings and emotions, and at points I found myself laughing out loud at all the antics. The storyline is also very solid and believable.  I did enjoy this book.  4 stars.

“Aria!” I yelled holding the dress up in the front and trying to put on my shoes at the same time, unsuccessful multi-tasker right here. “Can you come and zip me up?”

“It’d be my greatest pleasure.”  Said a voice that I had gone to long without hearing. Whipping around I came face to face with Justin and almost lost my shit. If I thought he could make a pair of worn jeans and a t-shirt look hot, I lost brain cells seeing him a suit. His broad shoulders and muscular arms showed ever so slightly underneath his crisp black shirt and back blazer, topped off with that ridiculous color tie. He had one hand tucked in his pants pocket that cause the material to bunch up in the front leaving very little to the imagination of, well everything that JP had to offer. His chuckling is what alerted me that I was staring at him like he was a piece of steak and hadn’t eaten in months. I nonchalantly licked my bottom lip to make sure I also hadn’t been drooling. Yea he was drool worthy right now.

“Bell.” He tilted his head to me. At least he wasn’t too mad to where he stopped using my nickname.  It was then that I realized I was practically naked, I had the dress covering up the important bits but the way he looked at me made me feel completely bare.

“Oh um JP, I didn’t know you were here.” I stammered. What the heck was wrong with me?

“Clearly, or do you treat all visitors this way?” He had a glint to his eye that I didn’t want to recognize.

“No! You’re early.” Obviously, Dacey duh!

“Then I’m glad, turn around I’ll get that for you.” He stalked across the room to me. I didn’t want to see that predatory look in his eyes so I complied and held my breath.

“Your beautiful Bell, I love this color on you.” He whispered. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer to him, and I could feel the heat radiating off his body through the sheer fabric of the dress. He reached out and slowly eased the zipper up, notch by painstakingly slow notch. When his warm hand touched my neck to move my hair to the side I almost jumped out of my skin. It sent a little shock though me that went all the way down to my toenail polish. He hooked the top of the dress and I felt him pulling me back further, until I was flush against his front. His fingers trailed a line of fire across my shoulder and down my arm. He had never touched me like this before, no one had ever touched me like this before, like my skim was the most delicate thing he had ever touched. I didn’t pull away, I couldn’t pull away because if I was being honest with myself, I liked it. I liked his hands on my skin caressing me and making me feel, alive.


My name came out on an exhale as he wound his hand around my waist to rest on my stomach, locking me in place.  I turned my head to the side and his lips were in my line of sight and all I wanted to do was drown myself in them.  I knew that if I did that there would be no going back, no more friends because I knew how he felt about me but did I feel that way about him? Really? I was lonely but is that enough to jeopardize my friendship?

“Knock-knock home girl you just about…” Blaze stood in the doorway of my room hand paused mid knock.

“Blaze.” I scrambled out of Justin’s hold and spun around, trying to hide the hot wave of embarrassment across my cheeks. I looked from Justin who didn’t looked ruffled at all and was sizing up Blaze. Blaze gave me a knowing look as well as eyeing Justin like the man candy he was. Where is a hole when you need one?
Jeri Williams lives a super fabulous lifestyle (by fabulous, she mean’s kinda lame) in the hot Florida sun and loves reading of any kind (except instruction manuals and cereal boxes). She has always written stories and made her family listen to them since she was young, although this is her first book she has ever published. She is a mom of an up-and-coming Jerry Seinfeld (in girl form) and also enjoys being right and knowing everything, although she is hardly ever right and really doesn't know anything and is obsessed with inventing miniature zoo animals you can carry around in your pocket (although not really).
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