09 August 2014

Just Kiss Me by KyAnn Waters

 Ken Turner isn't just hot. He lives life to the fullest. Friendly, exciting, and open about who he is. A gay man ready for adventure--in and out of bed. Brice Cannon is the complete opposite. He has a past he can't forget, and insecurities that keep him from really living. If he could just drop the façade and be himself for once, maybe he could have a small taste of all Ken has to offer.

But Ken has issues of his own. Boyfriends and sex don't equal a relationship. All he's ever been is a piece of ass, but then that's all he's ever wanted.

In each other, can they discover the past doesn't define who they are or their future but trust and honesty will?

Ms. Waters is a new author for me personally, recommended to me by a close friend who said that I had to read her stories.  I can say now after reading Just Kiss Me that I will be sure to look into other stories by her in the future.
Even though this was a shorter story, it was still packed with plenty of details, action, and information that didn’t leave you wanting for more from that aspect.  The only thing that I didn’t personally like about the story was how it seemed very predictable. Don’t get me wrong, I did still enjoy the story, and I am very glad that I read it, but I suppose I was just hoping for a little bit more from the story.
I really enjoyed the complete difference between the characters though.  Sometimes characters who are so different don’t seem to work well together, but in the case of Ken and Brice, it ended up working out very well.
Overall, I would completely recommend this to anyone who enjoys this genre and is looking for a quick afternoon read.

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  1. thank you so much for the fab review. Sorry it has taken me so long to stop over to tell you how much I appreciate your time and thanks again for reading Just Kiss Me!