19 August 2014

Major's Folly by Edward Kendrick

 Thane Major’s lover, Ian Philips, sees Majors’ Folly—the mansion Thane has inherited—as a ‘monstrosity’. Thane believes otherwise. To him it is fascinating, not monstrous. At least that’s what he hopes.

After the two learn of several disappearances from the Folly, they spot someone trying to break in and wonder if the person is responsible for the Folly’s troubles. Deciding they must find out exactly what is happening, the pair begin to delve into the house’s history to uncover the truth before they too disappear.

Will the arrival of two strange males offering their help to Thane and Ian lead to revelations about the disappearances… or to Thane and Ian’s untimely deaths?

I am not normally a fan of zombie books, but every once in a while one will catch my attention and that’s what happened with this book. I was really excited when I started this book, but unfortunately it ended up falling short for me near the ending of it.
It felt like what could have been a serious and dramatic ending, was turned into something that felt a bit like a young adult story.  I do think that was part of the confusion that I had in the story was that it was an adult story, yet there were some parts that seemed as though they were written for someone younger.
Like I said, I did enjoy the plot of the story, I just felt like it could have had a bit more “umph” to it instead of how it just almost ended.  I thought that the characters were really well written, even the secondary ones.  I do wonder if there is going to be more in the future featuring the house and the characters, because I would be interested in reading those.
Overall, I would say that if you were looking for a quick read, and you enjoy this genre, then you should check this out.


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