17 August 2014

Wolf in the Fold by Ann Cathey

 Even in an enlightened future, people still treat their animals badly. Rue knows that the hard way: from working with equine rescue and rehabilitation at a local shelter.
But it isn't just people who abuse animals. There's a killer on the loose among Rue's bucolic neighbors. She's no detective, but solving the mysterious mutilations falls into her lap...along with a very unexpected partner.

Now this is a confusing read for me.  I liked the story, but I didn’t like it.  I enjoyed the characters, but I didn’t like them.  At times I thought the story was predictable, and, at times, I enjoyed how the story was going.
I will be honest, the only reason this book has gotten a 4 star rating from is because I really do want to read the sequel when it is released.  If it wasn’t for that, then it would be a 3 star.
I did enjoy how the story progressed and how Rue and Martin interacted with each other, once the truth came out of course.  I got a huge kick out of how they first met, because it was hilarious!  I couldn’t imagine being Martin in that sense.
Overall, I do think that if you are looking for a quick paranormal to read on your lunch break, then I would recommend this book.
Ann Cathey is an artist and writer living in the Greater Houston Area. She has been writing for over 20 years, with her first professional publication back in high school. She has had non-fiction articles published all over the web, fiction and poetry appearing in fan and trade publications, and now is settling down to write for LSBW's readers.
"Writing is like breathing," she says. "I don't think I could survive if I didn't write about something." She also says that her hobbies all revolve around something creative. "If I'm not traveling or taking photos or drawing things, my writing also suffers. Everything I do creatively feeds everything I do." She enjoys good cheese, tasty beverages, shooting, and cooking, which she blogs about.

Her short story "The Heart Never Forgets" is featured in the LSBW anthology Music Speaks, and "Ghost Story" appears in Boo! Volume 1.

Her first novel, Wolf in the Fold, set a little into the future and a lot into the rural countryside, has now been published by Lone Star BookWorks. Look for a sequel to be available, soon.


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