12 September 2014

A Girl In Paris Tour Stop!


A Girl In Paris Cover 400
After she leaves her latest male lover behind, an American finds herself struggling to carry her bags on the streets of Paris. Drawn by the provocative gaze and unrepentant sensuality of a young prostitute not unlike herself, her offer of charity turns into far more than she bargained for. Questioning her sexuality and morality, our anonymous lover surrenders herself to a single night of raw, unadulterated sex in the arms of her first ever female lover.

This title contains explicit adult content: bi-curious f/f, dominance, light exhibitionism, and toy play.

You will find approximately 20 pages of two women, taking a few moments after one was offering a gift to a prostitute she found on the street.  What was meant to be an act of charity and a way for the lady to lighten the load she was carrying, ends up being a hot sex scene between the women. 
While this wasn’t my first choice of books, it was written well and read very quickly. The length of the book doesn’t allow the author to really develop a character nor dive into the emotions of the event, it was raw passion and an act of sex to fill a need.   If you are looking for a few minutes of f/f passion this would be your book.  
Mira NoirePassion. Decadence. Drama. Mira Noire doesn't pussyfoot around. If you're looking for the typical happily-ever-after with the same old characters - they aren't here. Mira writes visceral scenes that are so real you can taste (and smell!) them, and loves to feature flawed characters you may not always like. Like or not, you'll definitely love watching them, and hopefully enjoy following them on their intensely personal erotic journeys. Mira lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, loves to travel abroad, and has a B.A. in English from Stanford University.
Visit Mira at http://www.miranoire.com to get to know her world a little better.


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