23 September 2014

Bound To Please by Kimberly Gardner

 Jason doesn't do monogamy, and as a much sought-after Dom he doesn't have to. But when he gets the chance to play with Benny, his sweet young assistant who wants only to please him, Jason holds back.

Benny's no sub, but for a chance to be with the sexy Dom he's sure he can change. Except he's only fooling himself, and deep down he knows it.

Enter Rain, a sexy badboy who's got a taste for the lash and pretty young things, like Benny. What's a man to do when the two men he lusts after are determined that even a hook-up is not in the cards? Why, orchestrate one single night of pleasure, of course.

But when the whip comes down, and one night isn't enough, it's love, not leather, that's bound to please.

Note: Bound to Please was previously released by another publisher. It has been revised and re-edited for this release.

What’s better than an m/m book? An m/m/m ménage. Having met Benny and Jason in Phoenix Rising, I was excited to read Bound to Please. Despite the brevity of their interactions in the first book, the attraction between Benny and Jason was quite obvious. As this is a romance, I knew they would get their happy ending, I just didn't realize exactly how happy of an ending it would be.

Although Benny and Jason are attracted to one another, Jason refuses to pursue anything because as a Dom who knows himself, he knows that he won’t be satisfied living a vanilla life and Benny is vanilla. While Benny is jealous of the rendezvous he witnesses between Jason and his newest model, Rain, he finds himself drawn to Rain. Accepting that he can’t have Jason, Benny begins seeing Rain. Rain sees the attraction between Benny and Jason and sets out to help the two men connect, but his intentions are not entirely altruistic because he plans to be right there in the middle of it – literally. When the plan works and the three spend the night together, my Kindle was freaking melting it was so hot – the visual nearly short-circuited my brain. And while the chemistry between the three men was so apparent, it was frustrating how they got in their own way by insisting it was all casual. When the thread began to unravel and everything started to fall apart, my heart was breaking for them. But I was absolutely devastated for Benny when his plan to seek out training as a sub backfired so thoroughly.

Thankfully this is a book and everything worked out as it should, but the journey from attraction to connection to heartbreak to happily ever after is one heck of a ride. Bound to Please was an excellent read with lots of drama, lots of hot sex, and a great storyline. Ms. Gardner has produced a wonderful addition to the Playing for Keeps series. While I suspect that the next book will be about Shannon, I do hope that Mario gets bumped to the front of the line as I need to know what's really going on with him. So please, Ms. Gardner, write quickly!


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