10 September 2014

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Crimson Ties
Not everything in Heaven is as holy as it seems… 
In Crimson Ties, the second installment of the Crimson Nights Saga, Laziel is nowhere to be found, and with the ferocity of Malachi Denali’s vampiric temperament growing out of control, Rome’s Vatican enclave and those that dwell there risk everything to keep their King’s throne out of Darklon De Sangue’s treacherous hands.
As Darklon’s mental state deteriorates, his treasonous plans to overthrow Malachi know no bounds. With Arial dancing upon a deadly double-edged sword and working to gain Darklon’s trust, this continuing saga keeps everyone on tenterhooks as new treaties are strengthened and friendships are forged by oaths and blood.
Will Laziel return in time to save Malachi from those that threaten the male he loves, or will the fury of Malachi’s distain for emotion see Laziel ascend if he refuses to accept the hand that destiny has dealt him and the gift of his angel’s love?
With emotions running high, and Malachi’s past turning up to haunt them both in the form of the mysterious Vischeral Bourne, the twists and turns may prove too much for Laziel and his vampire. While Malachi and Laziel struggle with fate, an alliance with the wolves and the secrets behind the Nephilim and their sadistic Queen threaten to rock the very foundations of the supernatural world.
Who knows what ties will bind and which will fade away.
With a high element of supernatural romance and erotic sexcapades between male lovers, Crimson Ties may not be to some people’s taste, but for those brave enough to step into the wicked world of Laz and Lachi, we hope that you will read and thoroughly enjoy…

I have to say I am much more impressed with this book than I was with the first.  Crimson Reign is the second book in The Crimson Nights series and is co-written by V. L. Moon and J. T. Cheyanne I would say that they seemed to have blended their writing styles much better in this book than they did in the first.  The plot lines seemed to mesh better and read less like two books set in the same universe that were mashed together into one.

The main thing I dislike about this series is how many of the conflicts are caused by extreme lack of communication and trust.  The men in this series are mostly alpha males that lead lives that require them to be strong and brave with little to no support.  To them love is a weakness and something an enemy can use against them, when in actuality love can be a means of unending strength and courage.  Malachi, Vischeral and Roman are all faced with the choice to either admit their love or lose them forever. 

Another part of the plot that draws mixed emotions from me is the character the Creator.  While he does have immense power he seems to be a more devious and scheming God than an all-knowing and all-loving God who will guide but never interfere in the free choice of his children.  I know at some point everyone’s faith is tested, but even if things don’t go your way you have faith that there is master plan with your best interests at heart.  The Creator almost seems like a puppeteer that does not allow for free will but molds the circumstances to receive the results he is looking for.  It saddens me to watch the angels question their Creator’s love for them.  I think it will all become clear in the next book but for now the reader is left in a sea of doubt. 

The parts of this book that I loved were the characters.  It was amazing to watch how the characters and relationships we were introduced to in the first book were expanded upon and developed.  All three of the major relationships so far faced a major problem that had the ability to tear them apart but love persevered.  Major alliances were made against the increasing evil of Darklon’s machinations with the Nephilim Queen and overall many questions were answered.  However, as with the first book this one also ends in a major cliffhanger.  I was reluctant to read the second book but was very glad that I did because it was worth to see these characters develop and I am looking forward to the third book (and hopefully conclusion!) in this series.
Laz and Lachi Publications is the combined writing team of J.T. Cheyanne and V.L. Moon. The two met in 2010, fell hard and fast for each other and married in April 2014. They write both independently and together in the gay erotica and gay paranormal genres. They also have a couple of contemporary romance novels under their belt.
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