11 September 2014

Rock Me, Gently by M.J. Schiller

 Like so many others, their romance started in Las Vegas…

He’s a rock star. She’s an ad exec. After almost having a one night affair in Sin City, Josh can’t get Cassie out of his mind. Why had she run out on him?

Like so many others, their romance started with a shot of tequila...

When the Josh Dunningham of Money Back Guaranteed tries to seduce her, Cassie is taken aback. Sure, he’s hot. And he could definitely rock her world. But can she have a fling with a man she doesn’t even know?

Like so many others, their romance turned rocky…

When Cassie returns to Chicago and finds a ten-foot tall Josh Dunningham on a radio station’s banner across from her office, she is tortured by memories of their short time together. When they meet again, things explode—in a bad way—and Josh has to prove himself to Cassie to earn her trust. But will he succeed when outside forces also want to tear them apart? When Cassie receives threatening letters and is attacked in her home, Josh is determined to find out who is behind it. But will the stalker’s encore performance bring an end to their show once and for all?

I’m a sucker for a good rocker storyline.  I think most women find them mysterious and alluring.  And the rocker in this book does not disappoint.  But in my opinion, the heroine could use a bit more work.
Josh is a hard-partying rocker.  Women, drugs, alcohol…he leads the ultimate rock-n-roll lifestyle as the lead singer of the band “Money Back Guarantee”.  When he meets Cassie one night in Las Vegas, the chemistry between them in instant and unforgettable.  However, Cassie is not the classic rock-n-roll girl, and Josh ends up going back to his hotel alone. Neither can forget their meeting.  No woman has ever had this effect on Josh and he’s determined to show Cassie that he can be the man that she wants him to be, worthy of her love and affection.  Will he succeed in not only changing his ways, but also helping Cassie to unlock her heart?
I thought that the best part of this book was Josh.  He’s sexy and once he sets his mind on something, he’s quite committed.  I liked that about him.  He’s also really sweet and the ways in which he tries to win Cassie’s heart are endearing.  Swoon worthy stuff here, people!
What I didn’t like about this book was Cassie.  I have to say that I didn’t feel connected with her nor did I really understand her motivations to go to such great lengths to protect herself.  To me, she just seemed like a very overdone character; the troubled woman that a man can’t help but fall in love with and fix.  Been there, done that.
I did like the way this book was written, though.  It had alternating points of view between Cassie and Josh, and I always find that a pleasant way to present a story when it is done well.  It is done well here.  I’m interested to read the rest of these books in the series, which apparently can be read as a standalone.  For sweetness factor alone, I give this book 3.5 stars. 

MJ is a lunch lady in the heart of Central Illinois. My gosh, can you get more folksy than that? She met her husband at the University of Missouri-Columbia and now she has an nineteen-year-old (how did that happen?) and seventeen year old triplets! She loves to read, karaoke (where she can pretend she is a rock star) and spends WAY too much time on Facebook. She grew up in St. Louis and still has family there.

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  1. Thank you very much, Crystal, for taking the time to read and review ROCK ME, GENTLY. I really do appreciate all reviewers do for readers and writers.