07 September 2014

Tiger Lily by Vivian Winslow

 Weary from battling a hostile takeover attempt of her family’s company, Lily seeks a distraction in Todd, an erstwhile bartender with a large trust fund and magical tongue. Meanwhile, a connection seems to be developing between Lily and Alejandro, a wealthy and gorgeous Cuban-American, whose brother, Rodrigo, is dating Lily’s twin sister, Dahlia. When Alejandro unexpectedly rebuffs Lily one night, she is deeply dismayed. But, after seeing Alejandro’s picture with a gorgeous Latina model in the gossip pages, Lily thinks it wasn’t just a misunderstanding. When the sisters and brothers reunite in Aspen for a ski weekend, will Lily’s heart remain frozen or will the fire between her and Alejandro rekindle and melt away the ice?

This is the final installment of the Lily series, and while I did like to the first two books in this trilogy, the third left me wondering a couple of things.  The biggest is: why wasn’t this just one, big book?
This installment brings us Lily in more of a transition.  She’s a different woman from the one we met in book one, but she still hasn’t seemed to find her footing in her career or her private life.  She is distracting herself with Todd, who sounds quite magical in the sack, while also trying to navigate a strange situation with Alejandro.   How will it all end up for Lily?
I liked this book but at the end I honestly thought to myself that there needed to be more.  I wasn’t really satisfied with an end like this to a series that I really enjoyed. It left several things unfinished in my opinion, and kind of left lose ends hanging out there.  Maybe they’ll be covered in Dahlia’s books? 
I also thought that Lily as a character did quite end up where I hoped she would.  I thought she would be in a more solid place by the end, and really transform from the woman we met initially. She didn’t quite come full circle for me in this book, and that makes me sad because Lily is a character I enjoyed reading and following, and I just wanted more for her.
As with the other two, the sex in this book is excellent and hot.  But by this book, it does seem a bit repetitive.  I would’ve actually liked more meat to this story and less sex!  I know, I can’t believe I just typed that either.
Overall, I liked this book but I think this series needs just ONE MORE installment.  As it stands now, 4 stars.
Having spent most of the last two decades abroad, Vivian Winslow currently resides in New York City with her husband and two grade school-aged children. Her stories are heavily influenced by her ex-pat experiences. The Gilded Flower Series is her first foray into erotic romance.


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