08 September 2014

With This Ring, I Thee...Oh, Sh*t! by Dane Waters

 The days leading up to Dean’s wedding include his mild mannered fiancée morphing into a Texas diva. A future father in law who’d like nothing more than to shoot him in the back. Horny bridesmaids with handcuffs, a Texas sized bar fight, a stripper with hygiene issues, and riding a horse without getting killed. Leo, his fiancée’s little brother, gets him through it all as well as reigniting the urges Dean thought he’d put to rest years ago.

In one night Leo lost the love of his father, the ranch meant to be his, and almost his life. After eight years, he’s forced to return to Texas or risk his sister’s inheritance. Leo must face his past, the father who despises him, and the violent sadist hell bent on revenge. Leo finds an unexpected friend in Dean. Giving Dean a taste of sex with a man is supposed to help Dean decide, once and for all, what he wants. Falling in love with him was never part of the plan.

With This Ring, I Thee…Oh, Sh*t! was a hoot and a half to read. It reads like a reality show on steroids. If there was anything that could go wrong at a wedding it seemed to happen. Murphy’s Law in action. And of course, because everything is bigger in Texas, the drama and hilarious incidents seemed to be that much more.

Dean. He's such a nice guy that he comes off as a bit of a pushover at times – but when he holds his own, boy is he sexy. Dean has accompanied his fiancée to Texas where the finishing touches are being put on their upcoming wedding. Everything seems to be going as planned until he meets Leo, his soon-to-be brother-in-law. Leo sparks an interest Dean hasn't felt since college. Dean finds himself attracted to Leo and is confused by it because he thought he had determined in college that he really wasn’t attracted to men like he thought. But when Dean and Leo get into an argument, Dean ends up kissing Leo and suddenly feels like Leo might be the one. Except he’s marrying Elaine, so what is he supposed to do? Decides that there can’t be anything more than that kiss, but Leo has other ideas. Quickly Dean finds himself dodge wedding minefields while experimenting with Leo to find out if he really does like guys too. And experiment, they do. YeeHaw!!! Ride ‘em cowboy. As for Leo, I adored him. It takes a lot of strength of character to enter the viper’s nest knowing that you’re going to be attacked repeatedly.

Ms. Waters has penned a wonderfully entertaining novel that is both sexy and funny with just a bit of suspense as Buck (Elaine and Leo’s father) wasn’t the only reason that Leo has stayed away from Texas. The wedding scene has to be one of the funniest I have ever read and I absolutely loved it. With This Ring, I Thee…Oh, Sh*t! is a great read and I look forward to read more of the author’s work.

This book has some references to past abuse and rape to one of the main characters.

This is just a fun book to read.  Yes there were some tough situations addressed but they were done in a very tasteful, healthy and sometimes comedic way.  I loved the Dean and Leo from the beginning.  It was so fun to watch Dean experience life as a real cowboy for the first time.  This book was almost a satire of a Texas ranch and small-town life. 

The fiancé and bridesmaids provided most of the comedy in the book.  It was through Dean’s reactions to the antics of the ladies that you were able to see his true nature.  Many of these reactions sent Dean straight to Leo and helped strengthen their relationship.  I loved how even at the end when Dean and Leo are saying that they love each other they both know that they still have a lot to work through in their relationship.  I would love to read more about these characters. I would love to know where they end up living and how the New York advertiser and the California cowboy settle down together.  Overall a great book and highly recommended.


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