03 October 2014

A Gentleman and a Cowboy by Randi Alexander

 Storeowner Laci Monson can’t see that Finn Halliday is just the genuine cowboy she’s been looking for until he resorts to using borrowed duds to capture her attention. When things go wrong, will she be able to see the real man behind the clothes?

For a book that takes less than 30 minutes to read, it was packed with hotness and humor.  Finn was a cowboy on a ranch and had passed through Denver a few times and saw Laci in her shop.  Knowing he wanted her because he just couldn’t forget her smile and boots, he came up with a plan.  He would show up dressed as a gentleman and see if he could talk her into a date. 
Laci never dated the men who shopped in her clothing store, they were wannabe cowboys and she wanted the real thing.  When Finn walked in with a suit jacket and tie, she figured this was going to be yet another event that will lead to disappointment.  She turned down his offer to work in the store claiming she could barely afford her salary so Finn came up with a new plan.
The plan put him back in his element, boots, jeans and that sexy broad chest from working on the ranch.  That was enough to send Laci over the edge and demand her right to mount and ride. 
I would say if you have a few minutes for lunch and need a pick me up this would be a great book.  With the limited amount of words and time, she did a great job in bringing Laci and Finn to life and making me smile and giggle at his comments.  When I got this book off of Amazon it was free so you might want to hurry and grab your copy.  


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