18 October 2014

David's Dilemma by Rae Brewer

 Two shifters walk into a bar… David Kern can't smell a thing with the horrible head cold that is plaguing him. After an encounter with an ex, he receives a call from friends and is happy to get out of the house.
Johnny Walking Bear is in San Francisco for a case. With the job not starting until Monday, he sees an opportunity to enjoy a weekend drinking and having lots of sex. What he finds is a man that calls to him in every way but is too drunk to use his senses.
What happens when two shifters meet, and they can’t use their sense of smell to tell them about each other? Tired of the one-night pick-ups, David is left with a dilemma, give in to the urge for a night of passion with a young stud who’s passing through, or wait for his true mate.

This is the fourth book in Ms. Brewer’s Panthera Agency series, but although I did not read the first three books it did not ruin this one for me.  There were a couple of references to characters and events that happened in previous books that I had no knowledge of, but again it did not impact this book enough to make it incomprehensible.  I thought it was awesome that the shifters in this world are immune to most of the more deadly diseases but can still catch the common cold, and because of this David and Johnny can’t tell that they have met their mates. 

This book was a perfect mix of romance, action and intimacy and is deserving of five stars except for the ending.  I know this is a series and so I am sure we will find out what happens in later books but it is a pet peeve of mine to leave certain situations without closure.  The ending was very sweet and I have hope that all will work out in the end but it is a happy for now ending instead of a happily ever after ending for some new characters and that was upsetting for me.

Overall a good book and I will go back and read the first books to get myself ready to read the next one.

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  1. Crystal - Thank you for the review! As a new author I appreciate each and every person that takes the time to read one of my books. I doubly appreciate a review. I will take your words to heart. There's a fine line between ending a book with the reader wanting to read the next book in a series (wanting to hear about a secondary character's life) and leaving the plot hanging. I'll work on that.