28 November 2014

Arctic Love Spotlight!

Andreas has been in love with Christian for as long as he can remember, but he’s also always known it would remain one-sided. When he travels to Svalbard to take the last years of his Masters, spending time with Christian again brings back those feelings and makes life more than a little awkward.

The very last thing Christian needs is to have a very grown, very stunning Andreas living with him for a few weeks. Even the awkwardness between them is not enough to stop his attraction. Neither is the fact that Andreas is his sister’s stepson.
Arctic Love by T.T. Kove, is a set of short M/M romances. My reviews are going to be nice and short, as well. If you want short love stories with no depth, these would be for you. Polar Nights was the most believable, in my opinion, in that Andreas has been in love with Christian for a long time. Plus, he’s kissed him before – accidentally, but still he did it. So seeing their attraction and love made sense. Plus, even though there were huge time jumps, I felt they worked well in this story. Because it made their romance flow better. It took months for everything to work out HFN for them.

Now, for the gritty. The sex scenes were lackluster. In fact, I found myself drifting past them because they felt rushed. Whether that was because the author doesn’t write a lot of explicit sex, or because this is how Kove writes it, I don’t know – this was my first foray into Kove’s books.

I would have preferred a longer book with a more in-depth look into each character. As it was, I gave it 3-stories because it is a sweet story with next to no angst.
Varg doesn't particularly want to go to Svalbard, but with both his brother and best friend living there, it's the most sensible place for a holiday. He certainly doesn't expect Jonathan, though he's not opposed to spending his holiday madly in lust. There are definitely worse ways to stay warm in the arctic until he goes home…

Okay, whereas in book 1, we had Andreas and Christian’s relationship, in Book 2, we have the relationship between asshole #1 Jonathon and asshole #2 Varg. LOL I actually thought that part was kind of funny. The two men considered each other as the biggest kind of jerk and yet…they fell for one another.

But they fell in love too fast. I never felt a real connection between them. They wanted sex, they got it, and for me – there was no reason why one would truly fall for the other. In the end though, I did like Varg’s ‘change’ and his decision. It was the first time in the book where I felt Varg was doing something with forethought, rather than just doing and hoping for the best.

My biggest problem in this book was how much Andreas was against the whole Varg/Jonathon connection. He just spent months afraid to tell his own parents he and Christian were together and dealt with his own father’s displeasure. That should have, in my mind, made him more open to Varg and Jonathon getting together.

Again, lackluster sex. I assume that’s how Kove writes it and you might love it. For me, I found myself drifting past it in the hope the story would truly develop. It never did. Kove’s books are sweet, but they don’t have the depth that I need in my books. If two people fall in love, I want to know why and I want to ‘see’ it happen through their emotions, thoughts, and deeds. And I want to be rooting for them. One jealous rampage doesn’t do it for me.
Two months ago Frey moved to Svalbard, and Jørgen hasn't been able to stop thinking about him since. But every time he thinks about asking Frey out, the fear that fills Frey's eyes stops him. If keeping his distance keeps Frey from being afraid, then so be it.

Frey moved to Svalbard because it was supposed to be safe. He wasn't supposed to fall in love, and he definitely wasn't supposed to keep running into poachers.

I was actually excited for book 3, because there was something about Frey that pulled my notice and I read it before I read book 2. But the first mistake I saw was in the timeline. Frey arrived in early spring toward the end of the polar night at the end of book 1. And yet, in book two, we have Varg visiting his brother in late January after Frey’s been there a couple months. That’s a major disconnect.

I actually love that Frey ended up with Jorgen, but once again there was little depth in the story. I know – I probably sound like a broken record by now. I was sent all three books to review and they read fast enough, it wasn’t hard to read through them. But Frey had some pretty horrendous things happen in his past – horrible things he needs to get through. The book was not only too short to truly help him through those things, but the writing doesn’t really make way for it.

Lackluster sex scenes again, but overall, still a nice sweet romance.
A solid 3-stars for all three books. Cute, sweet, but I doubt I’ll ever read them again.


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