16 November 2014

Dream Date by Bea LaRocca

Romance author Kate Nichols can't believe her luck when rock star, Jason Grey, calls out the winning numbers that matches those on the ticket that she holds in her hand. She will be the one enjoying his company that evening! She only hopes that she’ll be able to maintain her composure around him. She’s been fantasizing about the man for years!
Jason can't believe how attracted he is to the woman sitting across the table from him. She isn’t his type, but he can't deny that he wants her bad.
Neither of them can get the steamy encounter that they shared out of their minds, but Jason makes the effort to seek Kate out and the two of them begin spending time together. Kate is determined to enjoy every moment that she can with him, convinced that he will eventually become bored and move on, while Jason becomes determined to convince her that they are perfect for each other.
I am sure we have all had that one musician we have dreamed of going out with or possibly spending the night with in our life time.  Kate Nichols is about to experience that dream with the sexy Jason Grey.  I will say that I loved the premise of this story but I lost some love with the amount of sex scenes in this book.  I think Kate was set up as more of a recluse who didn’t feel comfortable in social settings, even though she was a romance author; the experience wasn’t as advanced as her writing. 
Jason of course was primed and ready as a sought after musician, but I believe he was looking for the real deal.  His hope was to find that one woman that would complete his already blessed life and want him for who he was, not what he did and the amount of money in his bank account.  After having his heart broke recently, he isn’t willing to just sacrifice his love for anyone now.
Kate has a chance to support the 10th Annual Auction to Benefit the Homeless.  The winner will get a date with the hot music artist and her friend Claire has already decided this would be the answer to Kate’s prayers and the needed inspiration for her work.  Kate had been in love with this man since she was in college and went to his concert.  She didn’t feel that lucky but she was willing to dish out the $5,000.00 to help the charity.  Imagine her surprise when she won.
Jason didn’t know what hit him.  He was feeling the chemistry with Kate right away and holding her close any chance he had.  He wasn’t too shy to admit early on he wanted her because he was done with one night stands; he was ready for a real relationship.  What he saw in Kate transformed into what he wanted in the future.  Kate felt this was not going to last, Jason was determined to find her again and make her see this was real to him.  After a little bit of time together, they were anywhere they could.
The rest of this book is their journey which you will get an idea of how things evolve from the synopsis.  It isn’t always a smooth ride and interesting things will come up between her and her friend that kind of surprised me.  Of course you can assume that with his job people will be interested in what he is doing and as an author, will she really want the exposure for being his woman instead of her work?   Kate is going to have to get use to his touring and panties being thrown at him while he will have to accept that he isn’t the only one who is sought after for autographs from their beloved fans.  Can they make this work after all?
I would suggest this book to the hopeless romantics who never stop dreaming and love a lot of hot sex and steaming passion thrown in.


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