06 November 2014

Jackson's Sub by Mardi Maxwell

 A year ago Jenna Parnelle spent one night of passionate submission with Jackson Ramsey before he sent her away. He believed his jealousy would destroy their relationship. She believes he was slumming with the chubby girl from the poor side of town. A year later, irresistibly drawn to each other, Jenna agrees to be Jackson’s sub for three weeks, intending to get him out of her system once and for all while refusing to risk her heart again.
I enjoyed the first book in this series, so I had high hopes for this story.  I was not disappointed, but I will point out that while technically this could be considered a standalone novel, you’ll be better off if you go ahead and read the first book in this series, “To Love and Obey”.  In my mind, there’s no such thing as too much well written BDSM!
This is the story of Jenna and Jackson.  They had one night of passion the previous year, but went their separate ways.  Now, Jenna is at the ranch for 3 weeks in order to help Addison with her wedding.  While at the ranch, Jackson begins to pursue her again.  He realized that he loves Jenna and wants to be with her, but Jenna just isn’t having it.  It’s a classic tale of misunderstandings with a little (ok, a lot) of BDSM thrown in.  Will Jenna submit to Jackson again? 
First off, why can’t a place like the ranch really exist?  I mean, if it does then where is it because I want Crystal to buy me a ticket ASAP!  The Doms in this series are really hot; the author really does them justice.  Jackson, I thought, had a bit of a softer edge than Cade did in the previous book; therefore it was much easier for me to like Jackson even when he was being an idiot.  And Jenna was a character that I think a lot of women can identify with, because she’s torn between her heart, her head and her lady bits as to what she should do about Jackson. 
The storyline was really great too.  It managed to be exciting and suspenseful, as well as crazy hot, which is always a plus for me.  The sex in these kinds of books can be really overdone, but I thought the author did a great job in balancing the sex with an actual plot.  It was intriguing and kept me turning pages.  I just wish the story had been just a bit longer, and that’s a very small complaint.  It was a complete story for me; I just didn’t want it to be over!
Overall, I thought this was an awesome book.  Can’t wait for more in this series!!!  4.5 stars!
I was born in Utah but I’ve traveled throughout America and lived in sunny California, hot and dry west Texas, and the mountains of Colorado. I wrote my first erotic romance in the summer of 2013. It was accepted and published that same year. Since then I’ve written three more books in the Doms of Club Mystique series. At this time I’m busy writing the fifth and final book in the series. My heroes are tough cowboys with military backgrounds and my heroines are strong, sassy and submissive. I like my readers to laugh, and cry, so I put a lot of emotion in my books as well as suspense and happy endings.  

Other than writing, I love to read, travel, garden, swim with my family, and go to the local drive-in movie with a carload of friends and a huge container of home-made cheese popcorn.

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