13 November 2014

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the devil behind me
*******This book is the first in the series and includes a cliffhanger ending******

"My name is Addie Sakis, I had a promising future once. I had my whole life planned out, but after that tragic day, everything changed. The world I coveted no longer existed. Ten years went by until one day when Daimon Evans, the boy who bullied me continuously in high school, reemerged back into my life, offering me all that I wanted in exchange for one thing....me."

Addie Sakis had a sad past, a past that overshadowed her future. She clung to it not knowing how to let it go. That was until Daimon Evans came back into her life challenging her and pushing her back to the fighter he knew still existed inside her. If only she knew that Daimon wasn't the devil she thought, but rather it was her demons that ruled her, the demons that lay inside her soul.

How far will Addie go to help her family? Which line won't she cross as she deals with the devil she calls Daimon?

Note from the Author: This is a dysfunctional love and hate trilogy that involves emotional blackmail and a few other situations that the one wouldn't do to the person they liked or loved. Addie and Daimon do what they do under the guise of a love that hurts so good. Happy Reading.

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I struggled with the rating for this book.  I have spent the last hour trying to come up with something to say about this story that won’t give spoilers away or repeat the synopsis, yet convey my feelings about reading it and the only word that I keep repeating is FRUSTRATED.  Addie got on my last nerve, even though I could see what she was up against, I think it was the attitude she had about how life was treating her that made her impossible for me to like.  I literally got half way through the book and started praying that nothing bad would happen to her, so she wouldn’t have more fuel to add to her fire. She is probably one of the bitterest characters I have ever seen.
Addie was the daughter of immigrant parents who was struggling to make it in America.  She was very intelligent, top of her class in high school and had full scholarship to Yale to follow her dreams. Addie was bullied by the students in school because she wasn’t at the social ranking as the other kids. Daimon, the son of some high society wealthy parents, stepped in and claimed her as his own personal toy.  He demanded everyone else leave her alone, but they would go behind his back and continue to bully her while she would stay silent and never tell him.
After years of dealing with the secret bullying behind Daimon’s back and his horrific humiliation he used on Addie in front of everyone, her big day came.  Graduation day and she was going to be giving her valedictorian speech and leave that town and Daimon behind.  Freedom was within her grasp and she had demanded a celebration because she felt she deserved it. Daimon of course had other ideas and made sure if she left it would be in disgrace and embarrassment.
Due to a family emergency Addie was forced to come back to her home town which she ended up being face to face with her number one demonic memory, Daimon.  He felt she had wanted an aggressive man, more like that is what she needed.  She was a fighter and the only way for her to be happy was to have to fight against him.  He came up with an offer that will meet her needs but it will crush her soul, she will once again take her rightful place at his side. He basically wanted her to sell herself to him.
The rest of this story was full of twists and turns that I will not spoil for you. The author did keep me interested as to what would come next throughout this story.  I will warn you that the ending leaves you in a cliff hanger but more of a suspenseful kind not highly dramatic.  I thought I was just being overly judgmental towards Addie through most of this book because I was tired of seeing her act like she had no control over her life when almost every situation she landed in was due to her own choices.  It wasn’t till the end when Daimon confronted her and yelled what I had been thinking that I felt validated in my assessment of Addie.  Daimon is a jerk, yet I can’t totally write him off as a devil because I keep thinking there is something about him we just don’t know yet.  Maybe that will come in the next installment of this series.
I would recommend this story to readers who love that “what in the heck did I just read and what made me like it” kind of books.  That was not meant as an insult at all, I personally find I am drawn to those books once in a while to keep me on my toes and thinking as to what I expect and need in a book and the author certainly intrigued me with this one. 
“No,” I said feeling more of his warm cum seeping out of me. I moved away from him to get to the bathroom, but he seized my hand and pulled me back. He then placed his hands on either side of my face and made me look at him.

“I’m a greedy man Addie. Once I have what I want, I want more of it and you are what I want. My need for you is a lot greater than you know.” His deep voice reverberated inside me, as I stood there thoroughly fucked by Daimon. I tried to move my face but he held on.

“Haven’t you realized it yet? You don¹t hesitate anymore. You want my touch. You want this. So why can¹t you just let it happen?” he bit out.

“Because I hate you,” I snapped. “I hate how much you pull me into your world. I hate how much I seek it out now!” I cried out. 

“Is it that bad? Being pulled in by me? Why can¹t you just let it happen? Why do you need to fight what¹s between us?” he said roughly.

“Because I can’t!” I fired back. 

“Why?” he demanded.

“Because I¹m scared. I¹m scared of you, of me, of us,” I shouted.

Daimon finally released me from his hold. I pulled down my skirt and headed away to the bathroom. I closed the door, wanting to sever what was happening between us. 
Evangelene was born and raised in Montreal Canada. She currently lives with her husband who at times drives her nuts. She has been studying Classical Civilization and Linguistics at Concordia University for over ten years. The pull of the ancient world was too great for her to let go, so she continues her education to feel closer to the world she identifies with. She reads nonstop, devouring books like its food, loving the feeling of being lost in a world that another author has created. Evangelene started writing her stories ten years ago to express and bring to life all the wonderful characters that inhabit her imagination. She writes for herself and invites readers to join her journey.
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