06 November 2014

To Summon Nightmares by J.K. Pendragon

Three years ago, Cohen Brandwein was "Ireland's Favorite Daughter", a popular teenage author and internet celebrity. But ever since he came out publicly as trans, the media's treatment of him has been less than golden, and these days, Cohen is desperate for escape.

When he inherits an old house in the country, Cohen sees it as a perfect opportunity to escape the press and work on his new book. What he doesn't count on is becoming embroiled in a small town murder mystery and falling for the primary suspect, a man whose reality makes Cohen's fantasy books seem like child's play...
To be honest, I personally haven’t read a lot of trans books in my reading tenure, mainly because it’s not something that has appealed to me that much.  But I have read other books by this author in the past so I was really interested in reading this book to see what it was like.

Overall, I did enjoy the story.  It was a very complex story to be honest, and I was having to pay really close attention to everything because there were a few times that I was left scratching my head and had to re-read parts to understand it.

I do think that the characters were all written very well, and I thought that they played off of each other good as well.  The storyline was interesting, and it kept me wanting to read more because I loved the demon aspect to it.  There was a lot of drama and suspense that was happening in the book, and I did like that because it kept the story going.

I do have to say once again the main problem that I had with this story was that it was very complex and it was so easy to get lost in it, and not in a good way. But I would say that if you were looking for a good read, one that you won’t figure out quickly, then you should check this one out.


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