14 November 2014

Wolfen Bonds by Dakota Trace

 The Council of Elders has charged Matthias Galloway with bringing the once prosperous Taghte Pack back into the Council's fold. In exchange for his services, Matthias names his terms: he wants to claim his longtime lover and friend, Andrew, as his mate.

Nephew of a powerful alpha, Andrew Gilchrist has long been a coveted commodity because of his services as a healer. Neither expects the Council to agree to Matthias’s terms, leaving him free, finally, to claim his chosen mate. Even more unexpected is the presence of a third-bond to appear during their mating ritual.

The grandchildren of the slain alpha of the Taghte pack, Colleen Donghall and her twin brother, were whisked away at birth. They're still kept hidden from those who would harm them. Raised in seclusion, Colleen's never experienced lust, let alone the bond between mates. On the night of lunar eclipse, she's drawn into Matthias and Andrew's passionate claiming, and her dormant libido is powerfully awoken.

But it’s nothing compared to the lust and danger that will stalk her and her mates, when she arrives in Scotland.
To be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to like this book once I started it.  The blurb and the cover were the reasons why I jumped at the chance to read it.  But after about the first 25% of the book, I just couldn’t put it down.  I loved the way that the characters all seemed to work well with each other, and I especially loved how different the relationship between Matthias, Andrew, and Colleen was. 

I was fearful that it was going to seem as though the typical MMF ménage, but there was enough difference between it all that it kept my attention.  I really enjoyed how there were the MM and MF aspects to the story, and they all seemed to work very well together despite everything. 

I think that Colleen was my favorite character though.  Even though there were times where I did want to smack her because she was acting so b*tchy, but overall she had some insane strength that kept my attention and kept me reading the story.

This is the first book by this author that I have read, but I really hope that this series gets some more books because it’s very interesting and I want to learn more! 

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys MMF ménage with a lot of action, smuttiness, and drama because this book certainly has enough of it!


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