16 December 2014

Club de Fleurs Sadie by Rose Nickol

Sadie and Dave have been playing at Club de Fleur for months, but Sadie wants more. They never spend any time outside the club together and Sadie and Dave are both ready for more. After Sadie finds herself the target of drug dealers and ends up in bed with Dave and Evan, can she be enough for both men and what do they do about the threat next door? When Petal comes back into Dave’s life, what happens with Sadie, and what about Evan, where does he fit into all of this?
I really enjoyed the story of Sadie, Dave and Evan and the drama that surrounds them.  The reason I couldn’t give this a five star was the story felt rushed and was missing some consistency as it felt like it jumped from one scene to the other quickly and not with a gradual process I prefer. 
Sadie had been playing at the club for a while, seeing Dave and wanting more time with him.  One night she decided to risk it and ask Dave if he would like to see her outside of the club.  When he agreed to go to her place for dinner, the story then takes off.  Sadie’s neighbors are into drugs and events the night Dave came over leave them in a closet calling 911 for assistance.  Declaring that she wasn’t safe there he took her back to his place at the club.  When Evan steps in to help with the investigation he becomes interested in Sadie as well.
Once the three agree that they would like to give the ménage a try, the story then progresses to the establishment of a relationship, playing scenes and we see the criminal aspect of the plot unfold.  I loved Sadie’s mouth, how it ran without her thinking.  Swearing each time she would have more control over her words, Dave and Evan continue to push the button in her that left her being a sassy brat.  Evan and Dave were great Dom’s, so loving, caring and respectful yet very firm with her and enjoying her brat behavior. 
I really do love this story, just wished it had been expanded a bit more so we could have enjoyed them longer and not felt so rushed.  If you love short stories about M/F/M relationships then you will want to grab this one.  


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