27 December 2014

Devlin Black Spotlight!

~I’m a breed all of my own. A dark twist of sin women dream to be dominated by. I’ll fuck you so good you’ll be begging me for more. If you leave a lasting impression, I might see you again. But I doubt it. ~ That piece of work was me. The one who was so sure of himself. The one women knelt before, desperate to have a taste of the pleasure I could bring them. Back then I thought I had it all figured out, that my life couldn’t get any more perfect. Rich. Well known. Good looking.

But something doused the flames of the cocky asshole I had become, something I thought would never happen. Baby Fever. Yeah…that. Whoever said men didn’t get that shit was a damn liar. The infection had spread through my body, right into my blood, overshadowing what I’d spent my entire adult life enjoying. Now I’m in search of one thing. One person who can turn my world upside down and give me what I crave, while letting me stay true to who I am. So…

Dear Ladies,
I’m the man of your dreams and I can prove it. All shapes and sizes are welcome. I’m ready to settle down and start a family. Must be open to a long term relationship. The true kind. One that will last forever (contract required and only voided by me). I’ll show you how a woman is really supposed to be treated. Submissive preferred, but not required. Will train. It’s time to Dom up.
Sincerely, Devlin Black

(To be printed in the Los Angeles Herald, Sunday after next—Bachelor’s Edition. Front Page.)
Devlin Black is a player, an alpha, a sadist, and a Dom. He loves women; loves dominating them; loves bringing them pleasure while finding his own. And Victoria is his kryptonite. Devlin was quite happy with his relationship-free lifestyle until the night Victoria was led to his table by mistake. As an erotica reader, that particular scene was quite funny; however, I would imagine that in real life, that scene could have been very unsettling. Although we aren’t privy to the actual events of that night, we do learn bits and pieces of it as their paths cross once again two years later in Dom Up.

Devlin is no longer happy with his life and truly hasn’t been since that night two years ago. When Victoria disappeared without a trace, he spiraled out of control and has just recently come to realize how much he wants a family. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Devlin’s biological clock ticking. At his best friend’s advice (ill-advised in my opinion, considering his wealth), he “advertises” for a wife. Unfortunately for Dev, he encounters Victoria again after the play has been set into motion and realizes that his draw to her was not embellished in his memory and is still just as strong as it was that night. But she refuses to have anything to do with him and when Victoria’s secret (no pun intended, seriously) is revealed to the reader, her refusal makes sense. Honestly, what mother wants her child to associate with such a terrible example of the male species? Even if that man is her father. Scratch that …. especially when he is her father. Upon learning that Devlin didn’t blow her off when she tried to contact him after that night and that he is looking for a wife to settle down and start a family with, she still finds herself unable to tell him about Ava because she doesn’t trust that he’s truly changed his behavior. When Victoria is finally convinced that Devlin has actually changed, she makes arrangements to meet with him to talk, but Fate has other plans and Ms. Angelini is cahoots to dropkick Victoria and me off the edge of a freaking cliff. UGHHHHHH!!!!

Dom Up is quite an intense read as it sets the stage for the Devlin Black series. The connection between Dev and Victoria was instantaneous and palpable. I’m not talking insta-love here either. I’m referring to the straight-up physical and visceral connection – Dev’s Dom persona pushed sub buttons Victoria didn’t know she had. And that connection went both ways because her natural submissive responses awoke parts of his Dom nature he didn’t realize hadn’t been tapped into before. These connections make for a freaking hot sex scene and I cannot wait to start Dom Fever to see what’s in store for these two next. 
I have a daughter. The betrayal from the woman I love was like a knife in my heart. Two years I knew nothing of Ava, but if I had, I know I would have changed my womanizing, binge drinking ways.

The feelings for Victoria are still there, but so is my mission to find a sub and wife. Dom Fever is in full effect from the women that surround me, but I have eyes for only one. The mother of my child. No…my children. She now carries my second child, just like I had prayed she would.

Will I forgive her before it’s too late? Will she forgive me? Or will Karma come around and knock me on my ass? I’m an honest person, but I do have one secret. One…that could ruin everything.
Devlin Black gives new meaning to the term Daddy Dom in Dom Fever. But seriously, when this Dom decided he was ready to settle down and build a family, he meant it. After learning at the end of Dom Up that he had, unbeknownst to him, started that family with the woman he actually wanted for a wife and sub, his initial response was an overwhelming sense of betrayal. Victoria had not only not told him about Ava, she lied about not getting pregnant that night. But as the reality of fatherhood sets in, Devlin also found happiness in the fact that he had a daughter. Always the Dom, Devlin forces his way into Victoria’s home so that he can be involved with the day-to-day raising of his daughter. Like I said, a whole new kind of Daddy Dom because Devlin takes his new job as a father seriously and I have to say that the scenes with him and Ava are so sweet.

Dom Fever picks up right where Dom Up ended and Devlin not only has come to terms with Victoria’s betrayal, but he has to decide what he wants their future to look like. While I completely understood Victoria’s position in book one as to why she didn’t tell him, I also understood Devlin’s feeling of betrayal and his inability to forgive her immediately after she apologized. This actually made Dev’s character feel that much more realistic. When he finally decides that he wants to move past it, he still faces an uphill battle convincing Victoria that he is serious about making it work. He also forgets his own rule: a lie by omission is still a lie and it comes back to bite him in the arse big time. He commits the same sin he condemned Victoria of – lying by omission – and finds his newly achieved happiness shattering in horrifying ways. Just as Ms. Angelini did to me and Victoria at the end of book one, so she does again at the end of book two. At least this time I’ve got Devlin to keep me company as I find myself hanging off yet another cliff. I’m so glad I’ve got This Dom queued up to go next because I have to know what happens next. 
***This is book 3 and picks up where book 2 leaves off so be sure to read Dom Fever (Devlin Black book 2) before reading this book!***

Lies have the ability to destroy. Deep down, I knew my secret would come out. But I never imagined the damage it would cause. The love of my life, Victoria, suffered from my betrayal, nearly losing our second child. The reality of what I did nearly killed me. Maybe I deserved to go through hell for hiding my secret, but she didn’t.

Now she pushes me away, determined not to forgive me for slipping back into my old ways. Little does she know, I’m not letting her go. She loves me. Not only can I see it by the way she looks at me, but I feel it in my soul. We're meant to be and THIS DOM will stop at nothing to prove it.
This Dom picks up where Dom Fever left off and we find Devlin drowning in guilt as he and Victoria wait in the hospital to find out whether or not her fall caused a miscarriage. As he grapples with his guilt and fears, Victoria must deal with the emotions that seeing Justine’s bruised body have unleashed – betrayal being the main one and fear that Devlin hasn’t changed his playboy ways being a close runner-up. Fortunately Devlin is just as stubborn as Victoria, so when the doctor assures them that the baby is fine and puts Victoria on bed rest he refuses to move out as she demands and takes on the role of being the one to tend to her. However he does move out of her bedroom to reduce her stress, but the time he spends caring for her and Ava gives him to opportunity he needed to prove to her just how much being a family means to him. It also gives them time for cooler heads – and motherly advice – to prevail and allow Victoria to come to terms with Devlin’s actual sin … lying. No matter how she looked at it, Devlin did not cheat on her. Yes, he dommed Justine, but there was no sex and even if there had been, they were not together when it happened. With Victoria’s constant refusals and proclamations that they would never be a couple, it’s surprising that there was no sex, but Devlin maintained his sexual celibacy even when he gave his sadistic Dom free rein.

I absolutely loved This Dom. Victoria was forced to give Devlin a chance to prove his commitment to their family and she had no choice but to witness his devotion to their children and her, a devotion he was able to prove in spite the constraints she put on him. This is one of those times when actions spoke louder than words and Victoria was finally able to see how life could be if she accepted Devlin’s love and the life he was offering. So many issues are resolved in ways that were perfect for Dev and Victoria – the contract, Daniel, their family, and Blaise. While I would love to read more of their story and find out if they ultimately get their happily ever after, Ms. Angelini has written a wonderful ending to their tale. I must admit that while I expected the books to have more sex and BDSM scenes, I loved them because they didn’t. Rather than focusing on the erotica, they focus on the romance and love between Devlin and Victoria. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and look forward to reading more of Ms. Angelini’s work.

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