20 December 2014

Domming the Heiress by Talon P.S.

 You can’t depend on your eyes, when your desire is out of focus.”
Heiress Amelia Quinneth had always been known for topping from the bottom. Being Vice-President of the family fortune and firm makes letting go of control more than just complicated. Nevertheless, submission is the one thing she desires most at the end of the day and no amount of control over her life can get her to that unobtainable bliss. That is until frustrated by lack of satisfaction; she finally reached out to Dominus Trenton Leos to be paired up with a Dom that could take charge and satisfy her needs.

However despite her request, she never expected she would have to meet her new Dom, while remaining blindfolded for the next thirty-six hours with him.

Amelia’s Dom turns out to be a Head-Master who quickly shows her who is in charge and strips away every layer of hers, one by one, until she found the true euphoria that comes from understanding her surrender.

Her very walls that she kept to define her fantasies have been torn down, but in order to find out who her new Master is, there is one more wall she must let go of and she's not sure she can.
Even though it has been well over two years since last I read Becoming His Slave, I had no problem remembering Amelia and her problems finding a Dom. While Domming the Heiress takes place during part of book one, it is not a replay of events from that book but rather a separate story that focuses on Amelia and her journey of self-discovery once she finally asks Dominus Trenton Leos for his assistance in finding a suitable Dom for her.

Fans of the series are well-acquainted with Amelia and her tactics of topping from the bottom. Knowing that her standing as an heiress and head of an international company puts her in a delicate position, Trenton is up for the challenge in connecting Amelia with her perfect Dom; in fact, he already knows the man he believes will be able to take her in hand and whose own reputation and familial background will insure that Amelia is safe from potential gold diggers. But Trenton knows that the biggest obstacle that stands in the man’s way is a number – eleven. Amelia has a hang-up regarding younger men and the fact that Trenton’s chosen Dom is eleven years her junior will be the biggest obstacle he must overcome. The solution. A blindfold and a 36 hour contract in which Amelia agrees to submit and the Head-Master has the opportunity to show her what true submission is. As expected, the chemistry between Amelia and the Head-Master is intense and this makes for some really erotic scenes. Equally as enjoyable is the week of foreplay she receives after the first weekend as she prepares to meet him again for the second contracted weekend. Amelia finds herself falling for a man she does not know, while at the same time lusting for a man she cannot allow herself to have. The ultimate question is what will Amelia do when she learns that they are one and the same?

I really enjoyed reading Domming the Heiress and returning to the world these characters live in. I now have an overwhelming desire to reread the series and immerse myself within the Dominion of Brothers. Talon and Princess have created such a wonderful cast of characters and I’m so glad that they were finally able to give fans of the series Amelia’s happy ending – kind of, as the book only covers a couple of weeks of her life. I’m looking forward to the release of the next book in the series and can only hope that the authors continue to give us glimpses into Amelia and the other characters’ lives with each installment in the series. 


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