04 December 2014

East End Girl Release Day!

Kirsty Beale wants a fresh start. She’s quit her life in London and moved five thousand miles to start a new one in Corbin’s Bend, Colorado – the world’s only spanking-based community. As a lifelong spanko, Kirsty thinks Corbin’s Bend is the perfect place for her but the reality doesn’t match her dreams and she struggles to fit into her new suburban environment. Reluctant to get involved in community life she dismisses her new neighbors as ‘boring’. With one exception.

Fellow newcomer Logan Barrett is good looking, funny, and occasionally dominant in a way that Kirsty can’t decide if she finds sexy or annoying. Logan moved to Corbin’s Bend hoping to find a sweet, old-fashioned girl, willing to submit to domestic discipline. Kirsty who drinks heavily, smokes and swears like a sailor is pretty much the opposite of his idea of the perfect woman. Yet despite their differences, Logan and Kirsty can’t deny the attraction they have for one another.

Logan hopes to bring stability into Kirsty’s chaotic life but Kirsty’s increasingly out-of-control behavior might just jeopardize her whole future at Corbin’s Bend.
I can say whole-heartily one thing that I loved about this book was the drama!  I really enjoyed how things weren’t so cut and dry with this book as they have been in the other books.  I loved Kirsty’s character because she was so out there.  Such a typical woman, and was who she was no matter what.
I did also enjoy Logan’s character, I thought that he was a well-written man and a great match for Kirsty.  I loved how we were also given some more insight into the town of Corbin’s bend in this book.  By getting to learn more about the people who lived there because of the bbq’s that they were hosting, I thought that was great. 
Now, the thing that I didn’t like was how Kirsty changed so much come the end of the book.  I do understand compromising to be with someone, but it seemed as though she changed everything about her to be with Logan. 
Besides that, I did completely enjoy this story and I will be sure to read more from Ms. Stark in the future.
“Whatcha doing?” Kirsty asked.
“Thinking about tying you to the bed and fucking you,” Logan replied truthfully.
Kirsty gave a short surprised burst of laughter.  “You always look so corn-fed and wholesome. I don’t expect you to come out with stuff like that it. Plus it’s weird hearing you swear. You said ‘fuck’ the first time we did it as well. You don’t normally say that word.”
“I don’t consider it swearing. It’s only swearing when you use it for emphasis or as an interjection. I just use it when it’s the most appropriate term and ‘fuck’ is the most appropriate term for what I want to do with you right now.”
Kirsty giggled. “Well I’m not objecting to that, believe me.” She bounced onto the bed and sat cross legged on it grinning up at him. “How do you want me?” She was wearing the shortest little skirt and Logan couldn’t help notice that in her current sitting position she was flashing her cute pink panties at him.
Logan smiled. “Take off those panties and give them to me.” Kirsty did as she was told, uncrossing her legs and shimmying them down before handing them over. He pocketed them in his jeans. “OK. On your back. Legs wide apart. I want a good look at what you’re offering me.”
She did as she was told immediately.  For someone who was so difficult to manage the rest of the time, she was remarkably submissive as soon as sex was involved.
Her skirt was already bunched around her hips giving him a good view of her exposed pussy. He got onto the bed and pushed it up still further so that nothing encroached on the beautiful view in front of him. He lowered his head and kissed her mound softly. It was utterly bare. He ran his tongue over the smooth skin and then blew on it. Kirsty giggled. “Do you shave down here?” he asked her.
“I wax. How else do you think I keep that silky smooth finish?” she replied.
“I’ve never really thought about it. I like it bare. It’s sexy. Does it hurt when you do it?”
“Little bit.”
“Can I watch the next time you do it?” he said.
Kirsty laughed in surprise. “Seriously? Why do you want to do that?”
“Wait a minute,” she narrowed her eyes at him. “You’re not some kind of pervert are you?”
He grinned. “The very best kind. Now roll over and let me spank you until you scream.”

Etta Stark has written four erotic romances all with a distinctly spanky theme. East End Girl is her first contemporary story, the previous books are all set in the Victorian era.
She’s a huge fan of the Corbin’s Bend series and is thrilled – and a little bit intimidated – to be part of the second season. Etta lives in Surrey in England and would probably be a bit reluctant to move to a spanking community in Colorado even if it did actually exist. It would certainly make dating easier though.

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